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This page acts as an archive for all current and previously featured Nandroids, sorted chronologically.

Featured Nandroids of 2023
Month Name Picture Description used
[note 1]
Emmy the Robot!
Emmy, officially designated 787-E881, is a Nandroid owned by the Delaire family. After passing her classes at Nandroid School with flying colors, she received her family assignment, got boxed up, and shipped out to Hawthorn Grove. There she lived with the Delaires for over four years, where she cared for Ted and Angela's daughter Madeline, and handled the daily chores and cooking.


February Mary
Maryfan rip.png
Mary is a fandroid who was destroyed in an accident, but several years later her head was discovered by the now-adult kid whom she raised. He is able to reactivate her head and attempts to bring Mary back to fully working order. Her story is chronicled in the continuing story Bringing Mary Back REDUX.


March Molly
Molly is a Nandroid owned by the Mendenhall family. She has lived with them in their house in Hawthorn Grove for over four years, where she cares for their son Corbin.

Molly is very confident and has a no-nonsense view of the world. She will serve her family and other humans with courtesy and politeness, but is usually more harsh and reserved when dealing with the other Nandroids, and can come off as haughty and jealous if others are praised over her.


April Waverly
Waverly is a fandroid owned by Paradise Pointe. During Nandroid School she showed an aptitude for water safety and training and was repurposed for a more general role as a lifeguard through a Sterling Robotics pilot program. She shares a room in Hotel Casablanca with her friend and colleague Celly.

May Franny
Franny is a Nandroid owned by the Flagg family. She has lived with them in their house in Hawthorn Grove for over four years, where she cares for their five children, in particular the youngest twin boys, Nathan and Ryan.

Franny is chronically overworked and unsure of herself. She is constantly dealing with keeping the twins safe and stopping them from getting into trouble, and usually makes self-deprecating jokes when she is running late, which is most of the time. Despite having an increased workload and always being busy, she does her best and is still capable of running her household and providing acceptable care for her family.


Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The wiki was unveiled on December 24th, 2022, with Emmy as the first featured Nandroid.