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The following character layout guide aims to provide a set of standards and guidelines regarding how character pages should be laid out. A copy/paste version is included at the bottom of this article for your convenience.

Infobox[edit source]

The infobox will be a quick source of basic character information that is the same across all pages of the wiki. It should be filled out in the following manner:

| name = Characters name
| image = A wiki link to the characters image. Images should be close to 225x330 pixels
| caption = Caption under the image
| sn = Serial number, if available
| species = Examples: Human, robot
| type = Examples: Nandroid, busker bot
| job = Characters job. Examples: Sterling executive, nanny
| owned = Who owns the character, if applicable. Example: The Delaire family
| employed = The company or entity the character works for. Example: Sterling Robotics, General Robotics
| age = How old the character is
| status = Current status. Examples: Outmode, deceased
| canon = Is this character canon or fanon? Only the following descriptors should be used: Canon OR Fanon
| created = Creation date
| creator = Creator(s)

Lead[edit source]

Article text should begin with an introductory part, also known as a lead, which should provide a short summary of the article's subject. For fictional subjects, this usually means a brief description or a quick summary of their history.

As stated in the manual of style, the name of the article, as well as any known significant alternate names its subject has, should be put in bold in their first usage on the page, and displayed as early in the article's lead as possible, ideally in the first sentence. For example:

Emmy, officially designated 787-E881, is a Nandroid owned by the Delaire family.

Leads can be of varying lengths, but strive to make them concise. If the subject of an article has so little known information about it that it can be expressed in one short sentence, the lead may essentially serve as the entire article's main body, as further sectioning will likely be redundant.

Do not leave an empty line between the last header template or infobox and the start of the actual article text.

Character Summary[edit source]

The character summary section should contain information relating to anything personal to the character. This section shouldn't include any information on it's own, information should go into one of it's subsections.

Personality[edit source]

The personality subsection should include information relating to the characters personality; how they act, their likes and dislikes, and any relevant information that makes them distinct and unique as a character.

Relationships[edit source]

The relationships subsection should include information relating to the characters relationships; how they've acted with their friends, family, and loved one's.

Biography[edit source]

The biography section should contain information relating to the characters story and the part they play in the overall narrative. This section shouldn't include any information on it's own, information should be go into one of it's subsections.

Named subsection[edit source]

The subsection of biography should be uniquely named to describe the information it's describing, like Serving the Delaires or The birthday Incident. There can be many named subsections here as the characters full story should be laid out and grouped by related content. For example, The birthday Incident subsection would contain all the story information immediately preceding, including, and following, the birthday incident.

Behind the scenes[edit source]

The behind the scenes section should contain any "real world" information that is relevant to the character. Example: Polly is a character from Dominic Cellini's Emmy the Robot, where she first appeared on XX/YY/2020.

Trivia[edit source]

The trivia section should contain short "in lore" facts related to the character that could otherwise be missed.

Gallery[edit source]

The gallery section should contain pictures to help illustrate the character or their common personality quirks. This section shouldn't include any information on it's own, information should go into one of it's subsections.

Official Webcomic[edit source]

The official webcomic subsection should contain only pictures taken directly from the comic.

Miscellaneous[edit source]

The miscellaneous subsection should contain pictures relating to Emmy the Robot, but the source should be concept art or social media posts.

Appearances[edit source]

The appearances section should contain information relating to when and how often the character appears in the story.

References[edit source]

The references section should contain the following formatting text: <references />

Categories[edit source]

The categories section should contain any appropriate categories, a page that will group similar pages based on content. Examples would be: [[Category: Canon]][[Category: Canon Characters]][[Category: Canon Nandroids]][[Category: Canon Locations]], or their respective fanon versions: [[Category: Fanon]][[Category: Fanon Characters]][[Category: Fanon Nandroids]][[Category: Fanon Locations]]

Template[edit source]

Copy/paste the below template to get started

| name =
| fullname =
| image =
| caption =
| sn =
| species =
| type =
| job =
| owned =
| employed =
| age =
| status =
| canon =
| created =
| creator =
Lead text

==Character Summary==
|-|First Tab Title=
You can also use tabs to be additional information in, like spoiler content.
|-|Click me!=
Second tab content goes here.
|-|Third Tab Title=
Third tab content goes here.

===Named subsection===
Some info should be {{Spoiler|spoilered!}}

==Behind the scenes==


===Official Webcomic===


{{List of fan stories header}}
{{List of fan stories row|ANCHOR|AUTHOR|TITLE|[[CHARACTERS]]|SYNOPSIS|LNG|DATE|[[File:Ao3.png|25px|link=LINK|AO3 link]]|[[File:Wayback.png|25px|link=LINK|Wayback link]]|[[File:Pastebin.png|25px|link=LINK|Pastebin link]]|[[File:Wayback.png|25px|link=LINK|Wayback link]]|[[File:Www.png|25px|link=LINK|Other link]]|[[File:Wayback.png|25px|link=LINK|Wayback link]]|SFW}}

<references />