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This is a page listing all officially licensed Emmy the Robot merchandise or promo deals.

Official merchandise[edit | edit source]

Emmy plush[edit | edit source]

On 2022/11/22, Dominic Cellini teased the release of the first piece of official Emmy the Robot merchandise, a plush doll of Emmy created through makeship.com.[1] The plush campaign was officially announced via social media a few weeks later on 2022/12/03[2] and was fully funded, reaching 200 units sold, on 2022/12/10.[3]

The plush campaign was extended for an additional week on 2022/12/22.[4] Once the campaign ended on 2022/12/30, a total of 431 plushes had been sold, for an estimated delivery of 2023/03.[5]

Plushes began shipping out on 2023/03/24.[6]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Promo deals[edit | edit source]

TinyCircuits[edit | edit source]

On 2022/10/10, Cellini posted a promotional deal done with the company TinyCircuits for their Thumby handheld gaming console to his Instagram. Touted as "the tiniest game console", the system comes on a keychain and has five preloaded games, including the ability to upload your own drawings. As part of the collaboration, Cellini drew a unique Emmy face and posted pictures of it uploaded to the console.[7]

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