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This page is for fan theories/speculation, ideas that are suspected or could be inferred, but have not been confirmed as canon. Theories should have sound reasoning and be properly cited.

Theories[edit | edit source]

Dominic Cellini is in Emmy's world[edit | edit source]

In chapter 16, Emmy is shown to be dusting a large portrait of the Delaire family. In the bottom right corner of the painting Dominic placed his signature. While he typically signs the very last panel of his comics, in-lore, the signature being on the painting would imply that Dominic is a (potentially famous) painter, and painted the portrait of the Delaire's.[1]

Emmy's replacement arm[edit | edit source]

In chapter 73, Darcy replaces Emmy's stolen army with one she found in the junkyard. This arm seems to be one scavenged from a General Robotics Jane, an older model multi-use android.[2][3]

Emmy the Robot takes place in 1999[edit | edit source]

Madeline's birthday is September 18th, and in the comic falls on a Saturday.[4] The following post 1950 years have that date: 1954 1965 1971 1976 1982 1993 1999 2004. In the panel when Emmy is being assigned to her family we see that Madeline was born in '19XX'[5] so any years post 2007 can be excluded as that would make her birthday be in '20XX'. We can also exclude any years prior to 1950 as well since Sterling Robotics was founded around that time,[6] well before they could have made a Nandroid. Finally, in a Patreon comic, Madeline has Emmy watch two movies with her, one being Home Alone (released 1990) and the other being Baby's Day Out (released 1994).[7] If we take all these dates and facts into consideration, then that means that Emmy the Robot either takes places in 1999 or 2004, as any year prior to those that had a Saturday September 18th would not have had BOTH movies.

This timeframe is further confirmed by the dialogue of the female board member during the board meeting regarding Emmy's malfunction, where she states that Sterling's 50th Expo is coming up, which would put the year sometime in the 1990's.[8]

The final piece of the puzzle is the security camera date in chapter 117, showing the date as 10/03/19XX[9], meaning the only remaining year available is 1999. This would also imply that Emmy met Darcy, Aunt Ginny, and the outmodes either on October 3rd, 1999.

Nandroids battery capacity[edit | edit source]

In chapter 102, Emmy appears to charge from a standard wall socket extension cable.[10] A typical US residential circuit is rated for 15 to 20 amps. Using the following equation for power calculation: P(kW) = PF × I(A) × V(V) / 1000 the maximum power output the extension cable can provide is 1.8 kw per hour at the normal 120Hz voltage, up to 3.6 kwh at 240Hz voltage. A Nandroids typical charge cycle is about 5 hours,[11] meaning that at a minimum a Nandroids battery capacity must be in the range of 9 to 18 kwh. The charging chair may provide a higher power output, so this number is just a minimum.

References[edit | edit source]