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The page is a listing of notable or otherwise important locations used or visited in Emmy the Robot.

Newburgh[edit | edit source]

Newburgh is one of the two main areas in which the comic takes places in. It is the newer neighboring area to Olburgh, located across Beacon Bay.[1]

Beacon City[edit | edit source]

Beacon City is one of the two main cities in which the comic takes places in. It is a large, upscale city with many rich neighborhoods. It is also home to Sterling Robotics' USA headquarters.[1]

Hawthorn Grove[edit | edit source]

Hawthorn Grove is a gated community[2] of Beacon City, located on the east side of the city. It is one of the most desirable zip codes on the eastern seaboard.[3] It is home to many of the main and supporting characters of the comic.[4] Along with being a residential neighborhood, it also contains the following: Hawthorn High School, Hawthorn Elementary, Hawthorn Park, Robinson Zoo, Orchard Country Club, Hawthorn Yacht Club, University of Newburgh, U of N Hospital. The streets are named after flowers and trees. Many of it's residents are considered "old money".[5] It includes a trolley system that Emmy and others use to get around, with the trolley mostly within Hawthorn Grove.[6]

The Delaire's house[edit | edit source]
The Delaire's house is located at the intersection of Hibiscus and Cherry Road[5] in Hawthorn Grove and is the main location for much of the early comic. It is located just a few blocks north of Hawthorn Park.

Sterling Robotics USA headquarters[edit | edit source]

Sterling Robotics USA Headquarters, also known as Sterling Tower,[1] is the main building for Sterling Robotics operation in the US. It is used for offices, repairing robots,[1] and also has floors for Nandroid School, where Nandroids learn how to care for humans.[7]

Beacon Bay[edit | edit source]

Beacon Bay is a large body of water separating Olburgh and Newburgh.

Olburgh[edit | edit source]

Olburgh is one of the two main areas in which the comic takes places in. It is the older neighboring area to Newburgh, located across Beacon Bay.[1]

Dupont[edit | edit source]

Dupont is one of the two main cities in which the comic takes places in. It is an older industrial and manufacturing area that saw large anti-robot sentiment in the past due to job loss.[8]

Aunt Ginny's mansion[edit | edit source]

Aunt Ginny's house is a mansion located in Dupont where she takes in outmodes and provides a home for them in exchange for junkyard finds.[9] The mansion has been home to three generations of Aunt Ginny's family.[10]

The mansion is most closely inspired by the Krueger Scott Mansion in Newark, NJ, as well as the Palmer House in Chicago, and several other bygone huge guided age era Victorians homes.[11]

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