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This page contains spoilers for a character or story. Reader discretion is advised.

Full name: Anon Ymous
Serial number:
Species: Robot
Type: Nandroid
Owned by: Anonymous
Employed by:
Status: Outmode
Canonicity: Fanon
Created on: 2020/05/22
Created by: Stress-Test-Anon

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Lulu is a fanon outmoded Nandroid that was rescued by Anon from her previous owner after being abused and dumped in an alley. The two have a close relationship together. An antagonist of the story and Lulu's previous owner, Tobias, wants Lulu for his own desires. Lucy is another Nandroid built as an exact replica of Lulu made by Tobias to taunt Anon. Lucy is saved from Stress Testing, a series of physical abusive tests, and was given to Anon's friend, Maryanne. Sammy is a newer model of Nandroid given to Anon by Sterling Robotics after a physical altercation with Tobias. Lulu and Sammy are hesitant of each other at first, but get along later in the story.