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Full name:
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Species: Robot
Type: Nandroid
Owned by:
Employed by:
Status: Reactivated
Canonicity: Fanon
Created on:
Created by: Rippen_Tehr

Mary is a fandroid who was destroyed in an accident, but several years later her head was discovered by the now-adult kid whom she raised. He is able to reactivate her head and attempts to bring Mary back to fully working order. Her story is chronicled in the continuing fan story Bringing Mary Back REDUX.

Character summary[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mary is a caring, helpful, and friendly Nandroid. She enthusiastically greets anyone she meets.[1][2][3] She often worries about her owner and his well-being as he goes about repairing her[4] and offers praise for his work.[2] She tries to be as helpful as possible, assisting in looking things up online and running his condo via "smart devices".[1]

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Chapter One[edit | edit source]

While helping his brother clean out their mother's garage, a young man finds the head of his childhood Nandroid, Mary, hidden away behind some boxes. Theorizing that the head rolled away when her body was destroyed in an accident when he was a child, he takes the head home with him to his condo and realizes that while old and dusty, it is structurally intact and Mary could be brought back to fully working order.

For over a week, the young man collects schematics, parts, and the tools needed to be able to power Mary's head. He repairs her broken jaw, fixes the cracked and aged rubber face coating, giving Mary an inverted “Y” crack on her new face, and flushes her head of the aged blue goop Nandroids contain. After prepping the head and hooking up a jury-rigged pumping system, he powers the head and Mary is brought back to life. Unable to see, she calls out for her owners and the young man answers, assuring Mary that he's there. While she doesn't know who responded, she remarks that he "sounds familiar. Like my young master." The young man then prepares to get Mary up to speed on her situation.[5]

Chapter Two[edit | edit source]

After explaining to Mary what had happened to her, she and the young man reminisce for the rest of the night. He explains to her how she deserves better after everything she did for him and his brother and tells her that he will rebuild her. He begins planning out the parts he will need and how to obtain them, relying on a mix of 3D printing, authorized retailers, and illegal resellers.

After talking a walk one night several days later, he happens upon a lone Nandroid in a parking lot and begins to sneak up behind her, planning to incapacitate her and use her body as a replacement for Mary's. The Nandroid's name is called and the young man retreats, surprised at having not been seen.

The young also orders several components to hook up to Mary, making her the "smart hub" of his condo, including cameras, speakers, and an internet connection so she could help with research, and to not be bored when he was away. He also eventually hits upon a lead for a warehouse location where Sterling Robotics puts recently decommissioned and otherwise disposed of Nandroids and plans to go there and retrieve a body for Mary.[6]

Chapter Three[edit | edit source]

The young man goes and scopes out the Sterling location he had learned about but is still left confused on how best to move forward, as the place is heavily secured. On his return trip home he passes a damaged Nandroid discarded in an alleyway. Thinking he can use her body as a replacement for Mary's he rushes home and gets a large bag, but by the time he returns she is gone.

The previously ordered "smart items" arrived and he hooks them up to Mary, with her now acting as the brain to his home setup. A few days later he gets a message from a someone interested in selling him some of the required parts for Mary, an unlicensed Nandroid part retailer from nearby who sourced at least some of his products from a contact he had in the very same warehouse the young man was investigating earlier. He sets a date with this new contact to meet for more information.

The day arrives and he meets a man in a local shop. After providing a password the man takes him into the back and they reach an agreed on price for a Nandroid body, with the young man agreeing and promising to return once he has the funds.

Later, an old friend of the young man's makes an unannounced visit and is inadvertently introduced to Mary, who recognizes him, when he goes to use the bathroom.

As the month comes to a close, the young man messages his contact now that he has the money for the required Nandroid parts. His contact asks him to make sure that he has a list of everything he needs, as this is a one-time job, and tells him he will reach back out with a date and time. The young man prepares the tools he'll need, along with a mask to hide his identity.[1]

Chapter Four[edit | edit source]

The planned night arrives and the young man and his contact meet and go to the Sterling warehouse where they are let in by two Sterling employees. His contact collects some parts for himself and then they are led to the area containing the whole Nandroid bodies and the young man collects his required parts from multiple Nandroids. Once all the parts are collected they leave and the young man has an uneventful return home.

The next day he begins the task of creating a body using the loose parts. Many are cracked or dented and he is reminded of kintsugi art and plans to use some epoxy and gold mica powder to fill the damaged areas and give Mary a unique look, remembering a blue-skinned Nandroid he had seen in the past. After testing on the inside of one of her body plates, both the young man and Mary like the look and so he continues to repair all the damaged area in the same manner.

Once the body was complete the young man runs a diagnostic and finds several errors, some of which are fixed with re-soldering and cleaning, others requiring total replacement. As the repairs are done and some parts replaced, a few errors remain and he prepares to go into "Outmode Holy Land" known as Groshenko Landworks to source the last remaining parts.[4]

Chapter Five[edit | edit source]

The young man travels to Groshenko Landworks, a dumping ground, both legal and illegal, for scrap parts and outmoded robots. He begins by buying some serviceable parts from a few shops and then begins scavenging other pieces from junk piles. As he is carrying a large amount of parts a red-eyed Nandroid named Vanny helps him keep his balance and assists him in carrying the pile to his car. The homeless Nandroid offers her assistance to the young man and while he is interested in her help, there's no room in his car and so he declines but says he will return for her later.

Once home he unloads the parts and cleans them, but has to throw a third out due to it not being fixable or actually garbage. After more than a week or fixing and replacing, the body is once again complete but he is hesitant to hook Mary up as any mistake could effectively kill her. The young man also remembers Vanny and plans to return to Groshenko Landworks and collect her.[7]

Chapter Six[edit | edit source]

After making a splitter cable to keep Mary safe, he plugs her head into the body and she begins running diagnostics, finding it to be strange, but workable, and she begins calibrating her new body.

In the meantime, the young man returns to Groshenko Landworks to find Vanny. He spends several hours wandering through the scrap heaps and sees outmodes, homeless people, and nabs, but doesn't find Vanny. After getting some food from the least questionable food cart he can find, he is able to locate her. As they meet, she is excited to see his return and gives him a hug. The pair return to his condo and he wonders about how lonely Vanny has been as she questions him the entire ride home about his life.

Once back home, Vanny and Mary meet and begin working on getting Mary's body prepped while the young man orders some Chinese. After an hour of work they give him a status update, while many of the parts work, without the proper coding others are registering as "unknown" but Mary and Vanny can write the needed code.

Later that night, as the young man tries to fall asleep, Vanny does her laundry, takes a shower, and comes into his bedroom. She tries to make a pass at the young man, who declines her advance, but says he still would like her to stay and that he and Mary will help her out once Mary is fully repaired.

The next day finds the scripting work complete and after all the changes are applied, Mary is still in working order, albeit a small freeze frightens her owner. Mary comments that's all that left is the head transplant and they prepare for the final step.[2]

Chapter Seven[edit | edit source]

Mary made whole
Her owner takes some times to mentally prepare themselves, as one wrong step in this process could take Mary away from him again. He asks Mary to shutdown, which she does, and the young man and Vanny begin the process of placing the Mary's head on her new body. They drain the blue goop, attach all the wiring, fit it into her neck, and refill her head, the young man having practiced this moment many times over in his head. A few leaks are repaired and they lay Mary down and initiate the boot sequence. As it will take some time, Vanny suggests the young man get some sleep, which he does.

After waking up, he goes into the kitchen and sees Mary, fully functional again, in her new body, and falls to his knees. Thinking this could be a dream, he slaps himself multiple times, causing Mary to come over and reassure him this is real, and gives him a hug.

Mary finishes preparing the young man's breakfast and it brings about feelings of nostalgia, tasting Mary's cooking again after all these years. Mary and the young man discuss how he should take some time off now that Mary has been brought back, and he agrees. The young man then invites Vanny on a trip to his parents house with Mary.[8]

Chapter Eight[edit | edit source]

Mary and Vanny now work in tandem over the next several days to help run the household and Mary makes the young man spend more on groceries than he typically does in an attempt to get him to eat healthier.

Once the weekend arrives, the three go on a trip to see the young man's parents and Vanny tells her story of how she ended up in Groshenko. Her previous owner's had asked her to handle the sex education of their son, who attempted more with the Nandroid. After being caught in a compromising position with the boy, the owner's threw her out.

After arriving at his parent's house, his family is ecstatic to see Mary again, fully functional, and are also introduced to Vanny. They spend several hours reminiscing about the past.

During dinner, the young man's father asks Vanny where she's from, to which she tells them about Groshenko Landworks and how she doesn't currently have an owner. The young man then suggests that Vanny stay with his parents and help take care of them and the house, to which they agree.

On the way home, Mary brings up the fact that she is an outmode, made of a composite of several Nandroids, and it will be difficult for her to obtain the proper documentation to remain safe from the authorities in public. The young man and her spend several days making up some fake, but well worded, paperwork to show that she wasn't a public danger and keep her safe when she was on her own.

The young man then attempts to do the same for Vanny, and begins by calling her old owners, acting as a member of the Bureau of Outmode Investigation. He asks several questions regarding an outmoded Nandroid and Vanny's previous owners give a short response and asks not to be contacted again before hanging up, hopefully meaning Vanny will be in the clear from her prior owner's trying to find and reclaim her.[3]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Fan stories featuring Mary
Author Title Characters Synopsis/Story notes Lg Date AO3 AO3
Oth. Oth.
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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Out of date pre-write version.

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