Nandroid School

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Nandroid School is the informal name given to the three month long[1] training and testing period all Nandroids must take to become approved for human care[2] before being sold by Sterling Robotics.[3][4] While Nandroids come pre-programmed with information relating to recipes, languages, and scholastic topics,[5] they must still undergo training to become socialized and learn about the intricacies of human care.[2]

Nandroid school takes place at Sterling Robotics USA headquarters and consists of a range of classes and topics, from proper infant care,[6] role play scenarios,[7] human history,[2] supplemental training such as exercise and music classes,[2] to also being used for conditioning and indoctrination regarding outmodes and their place in society.[8][9]

After completing all required courses and testing, Nandroids will graduate and receive their certificate of human safety[10] and be assigned a family to care for.[11]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nandroids are sent to school within just a few days of being created.[12]
  • At night, Nandroids all share a communal sleep chamber.[13]

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