Sterling Robotics

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Sterling Robotics is one of the world's leading robot manufacturers known for their high standards of quality.[1] They have headquarters in the US in Beacon City, located at 991 6th Ave,[2] as well as in Zurich, Switzerland.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

Sterling Robotics was founded by John Sterling[4] sometime around World War II[5] after inheriting a watch company from his father.[6] Later, during the The Silver Age of Robotics, he helped draft the Android Ethics Code, a set of codes designed to protect artificially intelligent beings from inhumane treatment.[7]

In the present day, Sterling Robotics is a top robot manufacturer who produces the android nanny line known as Nandroid. Nandroids are said to be the companies proudest creation.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sterling Robotics has made combat androids in the past.[8]
  • Sterling doesn't produce any butler robots as part of the Nandroid line.[9][10]

References[edit | edit source]