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Full name:
Serial number:
Species: Robot
Manufacturer: Sterling Robotics
Type: Nandroid
Owned by:
Employed by:
Status: Active
Canonicity: Fanon
Created on:
Created by: Rippen_Tehr

Vanny is a supporting fandroid character who appears in the continuing fan story Bringing Mary Back REDUX.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Vanny was originally found in Groshenko Landworks by the young man who is repairing Mary, where she helps him load his car with scavenged parts to repair Mary. He takes notice of her red eyes and wonders how a Nandroid would end up in Groshenko. She seems eager to return home with him but as there isn't enough room in his car, he declines but promises to return for her.[1]

The young man returns the following week as promised and retrieves Vanny, bringing her to his condo and introducing her to Mary. As Mary and Vanny begin working together to help get Mary repaired, Vanny makes several advances on the young man, who declines but doesn't kick her out and instead let's her know that he and Mary will help her out once Mary is completed.[2]

Later in the story, Vanny accompanies the young man on a trip to his parents house and during the drive reveals the story of how she ended up in Groshenko. Her previous owner's had asked her to handle the sex education of their son, who attempted more with the Nandroid. After being caught in a compromising position with the boy, the owner's threw her out. After arriving at his parent's and introducing Vanny to them, it is decided she should stay with them.[3]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Fan stories featuring Vanny
Author Title Characters Synopsis/Story notes Lg Date AO3 AO3
Oth. Oth.
Rippen_Tehr Bringing Mary Back REDUX Mary, Vanny ENG AO3 link Wayback link Pastebin link[note 1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Out of date pre-write version.

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