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Waverly at her job, giving advice
Full name: Anon Ymous
Serial number: 789-W474[1]
Species: Robot
Manufacturer: Sterling Robotics
Type: Nandroid
Job: Lifeguard
Owned by: Paradise Pointe
Employed by: Oasis Gardens
Age: ~2 years
Status: Outmode
Canonicity: Fanon
Created on: 2022/07/13
Created by: L.E.A.F

Waverly is a fandroid owned by Paradise Pointe. During Nandroid School she showed an aptitude for water safety and training and was repurposed for a more general role as a lifeguard through a Sterling Robotics pilot program. She shares a room in Hotel Casablanca with her friend and colleague Celly.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Waverly is a capable, albeit laid-back and easygoing, Nandroid.[2] Originally intended for normal duty, as part of her schooling she had to take classes in water safety and swim training for children, which she found fun and excelled at. This was noticed by Sterling Educators and she was chosen as part of a pilot program for repurposing Nandroids for other jobs. She was sent to Maquina Beach as part of a purchase deal, along with many other robots.

She acts as a lifeguard for the Oasis Gardens water park and connected beach. She has a designated lifeguard station on the beach which is equipped with all kinds of beach gear, from snorkels and surfboards, to medical supplies, like vinegar and sunscreen. She will frequently patrol the beach and and will also take trips into the water to help struggling swimmers.[2] She is 'on-call' at all times, and even at night when the beach closes she may have to go out to assist people with minor injuries or help keep people safe around campfires and piers.

Hobbies[edit | edit source]

Waverly likes to help make sandcastles and loves to go out into the water to either surf or swim. Due to her upgraded waterproof design she is able to dive to the bottom of the ocean near the shoreline for extended periods and help people find lost items like watches and jewelry,[2] as well as finding interesting shells to give as souvenirs.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Waverly is good friends with many of the other robots and Nandroids in the area who she met after starting work in Maquina Beach, namely Celly.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Waverly's hair was originally straight, but time in the sun and ocean water has curled it.
  • She has a several non-standard Sterling upgrades, including:
    • 'Swimming rotors' on her hips to assist her while in the water
    • A special coating that has to be re-applied periodically to combat UV damage to her skin
    • Minor upgrades to seals and joints to make her much more waterproof.
  • She is able to dispense sunscreen and aloe vera. (Always remember to wear sunscreen)
  • She was attacked by a shark once while swimming! A small, quick, inquisitive bite mark on her lower right leg, along with a lost tooth, marks the encounter. She put this tooth on a necklace and gave it to Celly.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Fan stories featuring Waverly
Author Title Characters Synopsis/Story notes Lg Date AO3 AO3
Oth. Oth.
JumboG Tales from Maquina Beach Celly, Waverly Single chapter stories relating to the Nandroids from Maquina Beach ENG 2023/03/10 AO3 link

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