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This page is a listing for inconsistencies or errors found in Emmy the Robot. Errors may or may not be intentional.

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In chapter 5, Emmy's left arm is missing color.[1]

In chapter 22, Emmy is drawn with two left hands in the first panel.[2]

In chapter 29, the background is not white, which is typical of other chapters.[3] The background appears to be a similar shade as Emmy's skin.

In chapter 30, the word "tonight" is misspelled on a marquee sign. [4]

In chapter 91, Emmy's number is called at the Department of Automation as 9267 in one panel, but in the next panel is being recited as 927X.[5]

In the Patreon bonus chapter Mer-May, Franny's last joint of her middle finger is not colored in.[6]

In the Patron bonus chapter Official Beacon City Map, Hawthorn Grove is misspelled as Hawthorne Grove.[7]

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Resolved[edit source]

In chapter 71 on Patreon, Dominic originally uploaded a version where Emmy can be seen with both her arms in one panel. This was an error he caught and corrected, but accidentally uploaded the incorrect version first, before replacing it.[8]

In chapter 119 on Webtoon, a misspelling of "Nandroid" was included in the original comic as "Nandriod". This error was fixed shortly after.

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Reused assets[edit source]

In chapter 114, the panel of the Nandroids on the trolley is a reused (remade) panel from chapter 18.

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