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This page is a listing of fanon Nandroids. These characters may appear in Emmy the Robot, but their related stories and personalities are not considered canon, or they may be completely unique creations. Be sure to read over the fandroid list policy page before making any edits. Please note that fandroids believed to be of primarily NSFW or vulgar nature are excluded from this wiki, with fandroids that toe the line pending further research for potential inclusion later, and vice versa. This is meant to be a page for quick information, citations are not required here if a page is setup for the character, as all information should be cited there.

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Name Picture Description Creator(s) DoB Lng Tags
Adely A Nandroid assistant at a Sterling branch, somewhat shy but very optimistic, partner and friend of Amely, part to Lil's story.[1] AnonBlue 2020/10/13[2] SPA
Ainsley Nandroid with a Scottish accent who was found broken behind a dumpster, brought in, and repaired. Mono Fox 2021/08/12 ENG
Allie Nandroid working in a regional Sterling service center. OliviAnon 2021/05/10 ENG
Alice Appears to be the maybe-fictional subject of a Nandroid ghost story between Soundy's nandroid OCs. Is actually a monster pretending to be a Nandroid until its target lowers its guard. Soundy? 2021/11/08 ENG
Alice Nicknamed "The Silent Lady". A modifidied Nandroid, she had a tragic fate, to the point that she became something of an urban legend.[3] Misfit-the-monster 2024/03/21[4] ENG
Amber A Nandroid with a fixation for touching things, who cares for a curvy woman with a social phobia. Heremita09 2021/03/30[5] SPA
Amely A Nandroid assistant at a Sterling branch, somewhat cheerful but hot-tempered, Adely's partner and friend, part of Lil's story.[1] AnonBlue 2020/10/13[6] SPA
Amelie A Nandroid member of the French Foreign Legion involved in the conflict of Zaire. somewherelse 2022/06/26 ENG Soldier / Warrior
Amitie Budget maidbot purchased by the Flaggs to help the overwhelmed Franny. Teelokay (design),
Nandroidtales (story)
2020/12/12 ENG Budget Nandroid
Amitie Kiddroid version of Amitie. Oldest known appearance of this image is here,[7] but the image appears to have existed earlier based on the post replied to. ENG Kiddroid, Budget Nandroid
Amity Religious Nandroid serving as a nun. Friends with Noelle. BlankTheConquer 2021/01/02 ENG Nundroid
Amy Kiddroid version of Amy. ENG Kiddroid
Ann Oven A specialized nandroid model built primarily to handle baking and cooking tasks. She's programmed with a American southern accent. Dudu3Dart 2023/07/20 ENG Chef
Anna A one-off picture of a Nandroid. Trane_Isaac 2023/05/06 SPA
Anne Gardener Nandroid equipped with a backpack for tools and fertilizer. AstralTellurian 2022/07/27 ENG
Annie Positive Nandroid who used to be friends with Tilly the astronaut back when they were at Nandroid School. LaunchEscapeTower 2021/07/17 ENG Nandroids in Space
Annika Russian police Nandroid. Anonymous 2022/07/16 ENG Russian Nandroid, Policedroid
Aria A heavily burn-scarred Com-droid Nandroid variant with a well-endowed figure, married to an short-tempered business magnate. AnonIngram 2021/01/22 ENG Combat-droid, Soldier / Warrior
Ariel A Nandroid who is given as an anonymous gift to the Vice President of an advanced robotic component company. DarkXimor 2021/05/08 ENG
Artemis Also known as "Armee". Nandroid owned by a Sterling Executive. She dislikes his self-indulgent and lazy lifestyle. In$pector Venu$ 2023/08/07[8] ENG
Ash A generation 2 combat Nandroid surviving in a world of gen 3 and gen 4 Nandroids. MATT 2022/11/22 ENG
Ashley A smart, loyal, sweet Nandroid who enjoys music and plays the piano. Owned by a Sterling employee.[9] BravoZombie 2023/03/26[10] ENG
Astrid A robot stationed at a subglacial research facility. Never explicitly identified as a Sterling Nandroid, but is descried as one ("ball-jointed doll, scaled to the size of a person"). frogger 2021/10/05 ENG Inner Shell
Athena A stoic polymath Nandroid who is a professor at a prestigious university and a historian at a museum, working alongside her family's patriarch. SungForACentury 2024/03/12 ENG
Aubrey Nandroid who escaped an abusive family and was taken in by an ex-Outmode Requisitions agent. Not to be confused with the background Nandroid of the same name. RT-Anon SPA Aubrey the Robot
Audrey Homeless Nandroid taken in by a zig addict desperate for his next hit. Anonymous 2020/06/28 ENG
Austin R63 version of Avery. Teelokay ENG Botler, Genderbent
Avery Tomboy Nandroid taken as a roommate by her masters' oldest kid when he moved out. Teelokay 2020/05/09[11] ENG
Avery Kiddroid version of Avery. 2021/07/17[12] ENG Kiddroid
Bailey A one-off picture of a Nandroid. RagefulSolutions 2023/03/01[13] ENG
Banshee ...the Screaming Reaper. Limbs are modded with extra 'muscle', but the downside is that her cognitive and speech processors are suspended when she's hulking out. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/05/31 ENG Nandroid Fight Club
Becky ...the Smokin' Hot Nanny. Built with special alloys and insulation, she can heat herself and her tungsten rod weapon red-hot. Her inherent danger to humans turned her into a brat. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/05/31 ENG Nandroid Fight Club
Bejo An Indonesian (specifically Javanese) botler based from the Java region. His name means "lucky". Indonesian Gentleman 2022/04/09 ENG Botler
Belka Soviet cosmonaut Nandroid joint-tasked for space adventures with Bonnie. LaunchEscapeTower 2020/10/13 ENG Nandroids in Space, Russian Nandroid, Spacedroid
Belzy Nandroid who knew Lulu from back when she was Lucy. Stress-Test-Anon 2020/07/12 ENG
Beth Caring Nandroid who loves the environment and psychology. beatrizmodraw 2020/11/07 SPA/ENG
Bethany A newly purchased Nandroid who helps her owner overcome the hardships of life. Henry_006 2023/08/31 ENG
Betsy A Nandroid that belongs to a military vet, for whom David is tasked with finding after she's kidnapped. TheCobbledWriter ENG
Betsy A socially awkward clockwork Nandroid fighting in the Revolutionary War. Enlisted in the Continental Army after her serving owner died of pneumonia. Dixie_Anon 2021/02/13[14] ENG Historical, Wooden robot, Soldier / Warrior
Betsy A Nandroid belonging to a wealthy family. She's overprotective of those she loves. Being a victim of the Genesis virus, she is tortured to face her past and free herself from her hatred of herself and those around her. Artescos 2023/10/04[15] ENG
Betsy A Nandroid working in Sterling Tower who helps on the floor where Ted Delaire works. Snelly_ESQ 2024/01/23 ENG
Beverly One of the Nandroids working at the Robotops diner. Hun_Anon 2020/12/07 ENG Robotops diner, Waitress
Beverly Nandroid who thinks quite highly of herself and likes to gossip. Nataly's former neighbour. Goozoid 2020/10/17 ENG
Billie Wooden Nandroid enlisted in a Union infantry regiment. While created independently, she was retroactively established to be one of Maggie's fallen comrades. Rexhastala ENG Historical (HfD), Wooden robot, Soldier / Warrior
Bjorn A robot stationed at a subglacial research facility. Never explicitly identified as a Sterling botler, but appears to be one due to being described as being similar to Astrid. frogger 2021/10/06 ENG Inner Shell, Botler
"Blood Bot" Nandroid who plays video games, and cosplays as the character she is playing and talks about the lore. Cpt-Pop 2020/09/27[16] ENG
Blueberry Member #5 of Team Fruit Salad as declared here.[17] Loves to read fairy tales. MithraGVR 2021/08/12[18] SPA Team Fruit Salad
Bobby A literal "bobby" (British police officer). Teelokay ENG Policedroid
Boney A Nandroid suffering from a memory-loop that forces her to carry around a skeleton. AnonIngram ENG
Bonnie Astronaut Nandroid joint-tasked with Belka for space adventures. LaunchEscapeTower 2020/10/13 ENG Nandroids in Space, Spacedroid
Bonny Theme park performer/pirate Nandroid. Owner runs a small, slightly run-down b-tier theme park. She performs for the pirate show on a ship and gets too into her role, thinking she's a real pirate captain. Name was established in this thread[19] SometimesCreativeAnon (idea),
IamLem (design)
2021/01/17[20] ENG
Bonny One of the Nandroids working in the Robotops diner. Hun_Anon 2020/11/24 ENG Robotops diner, Waitress
Brandy Nandroid who appears to be a waitress. Was chop shopped and has limbs from other types of robots. She is in a relationship with Buck, a robot who once ran a casino on a cruise ship. Orson_Zedd 2020/12/27[21] ENG Waitress
Britney A Nandroid with confidence problems. Always tries to make her overworked owner feel happy, even though he ignores her. Writes a diary every day before recharging. Horiz0ne 2022/03/18 ENG Britney the Nandroid
Carolina A Nandroid who works as a hair dresser. A series of events has led to her unique blue hair to be billowy and fluffy. zoomboceto 2021/04/20 SPA
Carolina A one-off picture of a Nandroid.‎ Vixx 2022/06/18 ENG
Cammy A Nandroid who was conscripted into the military after being thrown away by her owners. She travels around a country she doesn't know and helps people in need. Snejokes 2024/03/19 ENG
Cassidy A detective Nandroid. SounDy (character)

Sono__Nicoh_ (design)

2021/07/06 SPA Policedroid
Cassy Music-loving Nandroid who dreams of becoming a stage singer. SometimesCreativeAnon ENG
Cassy A far future Nandroid serving the Jones family. breacher1 2023/11/27 ENG
A brass Nandroid that serves as Aria's Lady's maid and chambermaid. AnonIngram ENG Other robot
Celly Assistant in Hotel Casablanca, ensuring guests have a pleasant stay. She likes watching films and movies in the adjacent theater, as well as photography and making home movies with her friends. JumboG 2022/07/24 ENG
Chaika Named after the car. She is the personal chef for a Russian Oligarchs family. Wears a chef uniform.[22] Agent 47 2023/04/10[22] ENG Chef
Charity A brass Nandroid who was taken as a trophy by the Reichsmarschall. AnonIngram ENG
Charlie Nandroid who volunteered to replace a crashed racing robot. Mystic2760 2021/02/08‎ ENG
Charlotte Vladimirgraywolf SPA
Cherry Carhop waitress equipped with a cherry soda dispenser. Rexhastala 2021/01/30 ENG Sodadroids, Waitress
Cherry Made to be #4 of Team Fruit Salad, as declared here.[23] MithraGVR 2021/09/19[24] SPA Team Fruit Salad
Chloey A Nandroid who was custom bought to work in a themed casino/resturaunt. Has become big headed due to her role as Cleopatra. Originally named Anuby.[25] bigbeatsal 2024/01/28[26] ENG
Cihuaton A Mayan Nandroid used in place of human sacrifices. She's unharmed during the process and is revived afterwards. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/10/24 ENG Historical, Other robot
Cindy NNandroid who was repaired to be sturdier after a traffic accident. Generally accepted as the very first fandroid. Rexhastala 2020/04/19 ENG
Citlaly Nandroid with an almost unlimited power source inside her. Hunted by Glory, Mary, and Jully Rigged SounDy 2021/08/12[27]
[note 1]
SPA SoundyStory
Clara Sterling's German competitor's answer to the Nandroid, the Volkman Eisengehilfe. Smuggled to the USA and living with an oblivious owner. Topss 2023/10/21[28] ENG
Claire A nervous wreck Nandroid. Often highly anxious, rarely a few steps away from having some kind of panic attack. Zacatron94 2023/07/20 ENG
Cleo Appears to be a in a warzone, with a grappling hook instead of a left arm deutschelap37 2021/10/15[29] SPA Soldier / Warrior
Conny "The Nandroid sent by Sterling." Works as an investigation unit for Sterling related products. She has a robotic police partner from Dupont named Murphy. MrMook 2023/11/01[30] ENG Policedroid
Courtney Nandroid who agrees to help her young master's friend play a prank on him during a camping trip. Ragefulsolutions 2022/04/24 ENG
Daisy 20's Nandroid that sneaks out with her owner's son and drives into the city. Named by Nandroidtales in his greentext here.[31] Anonymous (idea),
Indonesian Gentleman (design),
Nandroidtales (story)
2021/01/23[32] ENG
Daisy Piggomi 2023/05/29[33] ENG
Dandy ...the Dullahan. A large, centaur-bodied Nandroid with large claws for trampling and slashing her opponents. Loves fun and pranks. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/11/07[34] ENG Nandroid Fight Club
Darly Giant Nandroid. The names Darly and Nancy were considered here,[35] but Darly eventually was settled on here.[36] Trollberg Lover 2022/09/03[37] ENG
Dashy Abandoned Nandroid who became a cold-blooded mafioso. Formerly known as Naty in her story.[38] RT-Anon SPA Aubrey the Robot
David DrShenk (Sans471onal) 2020/12/12[39] ENG Botler
Debbie Nandroid assigned to stress-test other robots alongside Handy. To Handy's disgust, she enjoys her assignment. Baldarek 2022/06/12[40] ENG
Debbie An Australian based Nandroid used in a rental service. Friends with Maisy, taught by Sidney.‎ somewherelse 2022/06/26[41] ENG Sterling Rental
Delilah Punk Nandroid. Name established in this thread.[42] Teelokay 2020/09/26[43] ENG
Della Creme Carhop waitress equipped with a creme soda dispenser. Rexhastala ENG Sodadroid, Waitress
Denise Nandroid living in the late 2000s who develops a video game addiction and becomes more of a burden on her family than the children she looks after. Unrelated to Sydney. Dixie_Anon 2021/01/06[44] ENG
Denixie A humorous fusion of Dixie and Denise. Dixie_Anon 2022/03/20[45] ENG Wooden robot, Fusion
Dhalia Also know as "Lia". Nandroid who works in a flower shop. In$pector Venu$ 2023/08/07[46] ENG
Diana Diana is a diner waitress fully focused on the customer's satisfaction! XJ_0 ENG Waitress
Dixie Nandroid that lives and works on a ranch in Texas/Montana, being slightly modified for outdoor work. Not related to Confederate Dixie. Smeet (design),
Nandroidtales (story)
2020/05/23[47] ENG Farmdroid
Dixie South Carolinian wooden Nandroid who follows her master into the Confederate States army during the Civil War. Not related to farmdroid Dixie. Dixie_Anon 2020/12/13 ENG Historical (HfD), Wooden robot, Soldier / Warrior
Dixon Originally created as a R63 version of Confederate Dixie. Later established to be the eldest child of General Dixie. Dixie_Anon ENG Historical (HfD), Wooden robot, Soldier / Warrior, Genderbent
Dolly Early prototype of Emmy's design which the fans turned into a separate character. Rolled her name here. Not to be confused with the Fandroid of the same name. Dominic Cellini (design),
Anonymous (name)
2019/08/31 ENG
Dolly Nandroid of a family that recently moved to Hawthorn Grove, where they meet Emmy and Madeline. Not related to Dom's "Dolly", the prototype of Emmy. foxinabandana ENG
Dulhan ...the dullahan. Head may be stolen from Franny, original face (if any) unknown. Unrelated to Dullanan and Dandy. Huggernaut 2020/10/17[48] ENG
Dullanan Nandroid Dullahan. Or at least a Nandroid dressed as such for Halloween. Anonymous (story),
Indonesian Gentleman (design)
2020/08/22 ENG
Dummy A crash test dummy. Indonesian Gentleman (design) ENG
Dvalin Bodyguard botler left to care for his late master's widow and daughter after failing to stop his assassination. TedDuhBear 2021/07/14[49] ENG
Ehri Second-hand Nandroid who wound up with a nomad couple in the Mongolian steppe. Idea originated from a joke about Cassy doing Mongolian throat singing.[50] Anonymous (idea),
Spryavalanche (design)
2020/09/05[51] ENG
Ekaterina Soviet Nandroid, captured by Rhody. Part of "Zvezda", a Soviet robotic spec-ops unit. JollyCordie 2023/07/23 [52] ENG Soldier / Warrior
Elizabeth ‎Creator's identity established here.[53] grimm_dead 2022/03/03[54]
[note 1]
Ellery Stoic Nandroid sold to a robot repairman by a shady stranger. Stress-Test-Anon 2022/03/11[55] ENG
Elody Nandroid with cutting-edge taste and smell sensors custom-ordered by a picky (and pricky) food critic to make meals for him to critique. Stress-Test-Anon 2020/07/04[56] ENG
Emi Emi the Robogeisha, manufactured by Shinozawa Heavy Industries. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/05/23[57] ENG Japanese Nandroid
Emildraidh ...the Walking Heresy. GeeHaich 2021/06/12[58] ENG Historical
Emily Curtis
a.k.a. Zomby
SounDy? 2022/04/19[59]
[note 1]
SPA SoundyStory
Emilia A Nandroid who cares for an aging woman. Part of Bethany's story. Henry_006 2023/08/31 ENG
Emmet A botler in love with his fellow servant Vicky. Originated as a R63 version of Emmy. Anonymous (idea),
wwwJam (design)
2019/10/04[60] ENG
Emmy Kiddroid version of Emmy. ENG Kiddroid
a.k.a Esmey
Better days are already coming. You are powerless to stop them. BlankTheConquer ENG
Essy Nandroidified version of one of SCA's OCs. Named here.[61] Technically violates the "Nandroidified characters" rule, but granted Honorary Nandroid status because she was present in the V1 spreadsheet. SometimesCreativeAnon
(character and new design),
Pyroskelly (old design)
2020/05/12[62] ENG Honorary
Eternity A brass Nandroid assigned as a personal assistant to the Kaiser. AnonIngram ENG
Eve SounDy? 2021/09/02‎[63]
[note 1]
Evelyn An inquisitive and caring domestic Nandroid who is greatly invested in learning more about world around her, including about her aging owner. H98B 2023/08/02 ENG
Evelyn DeadPoo21659570 2024/03/02[64] SPA/ENG
Evie Rexhastala 2022/06/25[65] ENG
Evy Nandroid struggling with adapting to the lady of the house being gone. Stress-Test-Anon 2022/03/12 ENG
Botler who works and lives in a community center and is being trained to play chess on the world stage by his old owner. BilboSwaggins ENG Botler
Franny Kiddroid version of Franny. Indonesian Gentleman ENG Kiddroid
Frankie Nandroid who never made it to her family and had to learn to survive in the streets, fightining other outmodes for resources. Many of her body parts are mismatched, salvaged from other robots. Baldarek 2022/07/31[66] ENG
Gacy SounDy? 2021/12/15[67]
[note 1]
SPA Policedroid
Gracie A brunette, frazzled haired Nandroid who accepts help from Evelyn and is busy working for her large family. H98B 2023/12/20[68] ENG
Gerthy Leonny's best friend. C.S.S.L. 2022/11/17 ENG
a.k.a. Glowy
A special purpose Nandroid made for the CIA. Has a stiletto knife built into her finger. Originally named Glory, a humiliating typo made known in the Agency as Glowy. Anonymous (idea),
Nandroidtales (story)
2021/03/21[69] ENG
Glory Timid, deranged nurse who split part of her personality off into Mary. Trapped in her body after Mary took complete control. SounDy 2021/09/13[70]
[note 1]
SPA SoundyStory, Nursedroid
Greta A Nandroid suffering from a virus near the end of the world. DarkXimor 2023/11/02 SPA
Gunny A Nandroid. With a gun. Jokingly named here.[71] Teelokay 2021/07/31[72] ENG
Haley ...the Ice Queen. One arm has a sprayer with low-freezing-point goo and another with liquid nitrogen which she uses to immobilize her opponents. A bit of a snob. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/05/31[73] ENG Nandroid Fight Club
Handy Nandroid in a hard hat and safety goggles assigned to stress-test other robots. Named here.[74] IamLem (character),
Baldarek (story)
2022/05/14[75] ENG
Renowned Nandroid actress and director. AnonIngram ENG
Harmony Nandroid married to a veteran of an unspecified war. VtechQuality ENG
Helenia Com-Droid. A little slow, but devastatingly effective. AnonIngram ENG
Hue Dirty Platypi ENG
Husky An outmoded Nandroid who escaped from Sterling Headquarters after failing Nandroid School. Hangs out with a group of outmodes. Friends with Talkie.[76] Starke 2023/12/27 ENG
Icarus A Nandroid designed to be capable of flight. Left damaged and later repaired by Athena. SungForACentury 2024/02/13 ENG
a.k.a. Javelyn
Ukrainian Nandroid armed with a Javelin rocket launcher. Barkeeper 2022/03/01 ENG Soldier / Warrior
Inegrity DEUS VULT AnonBlue
Irina Bitchy Soviet cosmonaut robot who paid the price for failing to cooperate with astronaut Nandroid Kimmy LaunchEscapeTower ENG Nandroids in Space, Russian Nandroid, Spacedroid
Isabella Vaguely military Nandroid with a machine gun built into her arm. Clockwork81453 ENG Historical, Soldier / Warrior
a.k.a. Indy
Her eyes are opals, rather than gold like several other Nandroids in this list. Her name means "Obsidian Butterfly". Nickname "Indy" bestowed by her ‎. PaladarZNG_XX2 2022/01/17[77]
Ivory Nandroid who works as a butcher. Mystic2760 2021/06/18[78] ENG
Ivory ...the Bright Maiden. Wields a sword and sheild and is covered in LEDs she uses to blind her opponents, and sometimes the audience as collateral. Cocky and Snarky. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/06/07[79] ENG Nandroid Fight Club
Ivy ...the Amalgamate Abomination. Sixteen different Nandroids combined to fight other robots in underground arenas. Likes stuffed animals. One head might have belonged to Bailey. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/05/31[80] ENG Nandroid Fight Club
Ivy Lily's neighbor who grew jealous of her happinnes and killed her own abusive family. Possibly meant to be the same Ivy as the background Nandroid, but has different eye color. SounDy 2021/06/22 ENG SoundyStory
Jack DeadPoo21659570 2024/02/26[81] SPA
Jacky Nandroid that enlisted to gain her freedom and reunite with her family. AnonIngram ENG
Janie DrShenk (Sans471onal)
Jazzy ...the Lake's Denizen. Nandroid that lives in a lake and scares the local teens. Wields a chainsaw and machete. Voice doesn't work due to water damage. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/06/07[82] ENG Nandroid Fight Club
Jenny Nandroid that Jacky works with in R&D. AnonIngram ENG
Jessy Nandroid who keeps hurting herself due to a malfunction. Horiz0ne 2022/04/01[83] ENG
Johny Botler in a relationship with his owner, a psychiatrist. Stress-Test-Anon ENG Botler
Jolly Giant construction Nandroid. Named here.[84] Anonymous (idea),
Baldarek (design)
2022/08/27[85] ENG
Joy Easy-going Nandroid who wants to help her wheelchair-bound charge have much as a normal life as possible, even if it means breaking protocol and getting them in trouble sometimes. Barkeeper 2022/05/28[86] ENG

a.k.a. Judy
Wooden Nandroid enlisted in a Union artillery battery during the Civil War. Dixie_Anon 2021/02/27[87]
[note 2]
ENG Historical, Wooden robot, Soldier / Warrior
Jully Rigged Mechanic and only daughter of former Sterling engineer Magnus Rigged. Her arms are badly damaged and unstable so she relies on two large auxiliary arms to complete her work. She wants Citlaly's power source. SounDy 2021/09/14[88]
[note 1]
Junia Non-Sterling (apparently) maidbot with cheek displays, produced by an unspecified company with a mint-green logo. In love with her owner and baking. Keklocke ENG Other robot
Jupiter JupitersOrange 2021/05/16[89] ENG
Kaley Orphanage "sister program" Nandroid in Pharos City. Named by Al McWhiggin / Emmy-Pilled. The L.E.A.F. discord server. ENG
Katie ENG Aubrey the Robot
Kara A detective Nandroid. Based on Detroit Become Human. DeadPoo21659570 2024/03/14[90] ENG Detective
Katy Nandroid used as a pawn by Dashy.[91] RT-Anon SPA
Katy CJiae7 2023/03/20[92] SPA
Kazuko A one-off picture of a Nandroid.‎ Horiz0ne 2022/06/20 ENG Japanese Nandroid
Keila Caio 2024/02/26[93] ENG
Kennedy A guardian battling a hopeless situation against unstoppable forces. TheCobbledWriter 2023/12/31‎ ENG
Kenny CrispyToastYT (?) 2022/09/15[94] ENG Botler
Kimberly ...the Razormaid. A fightdroid with many bladed weapons hidden in her arms and fingers. Tends to cut straight to the point. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/05/31[95] ENG Nandroid Fight Club
Kimmy Bitchy astronaut Nandroid who paid the price for failing to cooperate with cosmonaut robot Irina LaunchEscapeTower ENG Nandroids in Space, Spacedroid
Kinsley The last robot on earth who seeks to start her duties as a Nandroid in a world that hates her kind. TheCobbledWriter 2021/01/20 ENG
the Clown

a.k.a Abby
Nandroid whose idea of cheering up her orphaned charge is to play cruel tricks on him. That's just her brand of humor, guys, you just don't get it. HoursAccess ENG Clowndroid
Kot WW2 hero who years later is part of a team of antiheroes. DarkratTheShadow 2022/04/13[96] SPA Botler, Soldier / Warrior
Kristy A Nandroid who works on a farm and has aspirations of being a jockey. bigbeatsal 2023/07/04 ENG
Kylie Flight attendant Nandroid. Baldarek 2022/07/03[97] ENG
Larimar PaladarZNG_XX2 2022/09/22[98] ENG
Laura Donna A Fallout inspired Nandroid with a Nuka Cola dispenser for a hand. Enclave Remnant Soldier 2023/07/18[99] ENG
Lazulie "Laz" Originally purchased to help care for a child that never came, she goes to help work as a housekeeper at a railroad office. MechanicJed 2022/12/23[100] ENG
Leah sunnylover12 2024/04/10[101] ENG
Leonny The "Magyar Queen". C.S.S.L 2022/10/08 ENG
Liberty Brass Nandroid that fought alongside Theodore Roosevelt in Cuba during the Spanish American War. Often seen in propaganda posters. AnonIngram ENG Other robot, Soldier / Warrior
Lil A super advanced and mysterious AI that was in the body of a Kiddroid, who seeks to help both her Nandroid sisters and her master. Protagonist of the story My Light of Winter.[1] AnonBlue 2020/12/30[102] SPA
Lil Unusually tall Nandroid, often seen with Tali in artwork. Smeet ENG
Lilah Hippie Nandroid. Unrelated to Nameless #24. VtechQuality 2021/01/09[103] ENG
Lilly A Nandroid with a large button for an eye, and a modified left arm that fires sand and smoke pellets. Plush_Circus 2020/06/08[104] ENG
Lily A psychologically unstable Nandroid who serves as a frontline Field Mechanic. AnonIngram ENG
Lily Business/assistant Nandroid. 2020/06/28[105] ENG
Lily Perfectionist Nandroid. Noonehere312 (character),
Cpt-Pop (design)
Lily Neighbor and friend of Ivy. SounDy 2021/06/22 SPA SoundyStory
Lily Johnson Nandroid who takes care of a little girl named Alice Johnson. While she's fine around humans, she can be very anxious and introverted when meeting a new Nandroid. Has black hair styled into braided twin tails.[106] RblxGuest071409 2023/01/28
[note 3]
Limette A bootleg German Nandroid appearing to operate in some sort of officer role. Member #1 of the creator's "Team Fruit Salad" Nandroids. MithraGVR 2022/04/08[107] SPA Team Fruit Salad
Lindsay Aggressive Nandroid who failed her certification. Ragefulsolutions 2022/08/04 ENG
Liz Nandroidified version of one of Teelokay's non-Nandroid OCs. Technically violates the "no characters reimagined as Nandroid" rule, but granted Honorary Nandroid status because she was added before the rule began.[108] Teelokay 2021/01/16[109] ENG
Lizzie Outmode Nandroid who became mentally unwell after the loss of her owner. Has custom-ordered photovoltaic skin and patterns painted on her arms by her owner (she was an artist). Indonesian Gentleman 2021/01/14 ENG
Lucy A custom-ordered replica of pre-abuse Lulu currently working at a robot repair shop. Stress-Test-Anon ENG
Lulu Abandoned and abused Nandroid rescued by a Sterling stress-tester. Stress-Test-Anon 2020/05/22[110] ENG
a.k.a Lil' Lulu
Appears to be inspired by ENG Lulu SounDy SPA SoundyStory
Lulu Kiddroid version of Lulu. ENG Kiddroid
Luray Farmgirl Nandroid who helps the newly-arrived Luke settle on her owner's farm. Anonymous (idea),
Nandroidtales (story)
2021/02/06[111] ENG Farmdroid
Luvery Fusion of Avery and Lulu. Anonymous (idea),
Keramagath (design)
2022/04/10[112] ENG
Macy A Nandroid who was rescued from a Hooverville, later becomes a secretary to a Ex-cop robot. AnonIngram ENG
Macy Tour guide in a museum in Pharos City. The L.E.A.F. discord server. ENG
Maddy Royal-tier Nandroid with a more advanced sense of touch and capable of taste and limited ingestion, though not digestion, of food. BilboSwaggins ENG
a.k.a. Maddy
Nandroid with reinforced plating built under a government contract to be a lab assistant. Has scientific knowledge and first aid, combat, hazmat handling and driving training. Likes watching Star Trek. Neppy 2022/04/16 ENG
Maggie Union wooden Nandroid tasked with killing the Confederate Nandroid Dixie during the Civil War. Is unearthed a century later and attempted to be restored. Dixie_Anon 2021/01/09 ENG Historical (HfD), Wooden robot, Soldier / Warrior
Maggy A Nurse-droid class Nandroid prototype specifcally geared towards helping the elderly in high crime areas. AnonIngram ENG Nursedroid
Magnolia Main Assault Guided Nighttime Operations Land-based Infantry Android. 7-foot tall bulletproof Com-Droid Nandroid armed with a variety of devastating internal weapons. AnonIngram ENG Combat-droid, Soldier / Warrior
Mahla A medic, scout, radio operator, spotter and driver for the Syrian Interim Government, and target for interview by reporter Franklin Mears. Hun_Anon ENG
Maisie Warehouse worker Nandroid equppied with an exo-suit that lets her lift heavy objects. Chaingrower ENG
Maisy An Australian based Nandroid used in a rental service. Friends with Debbie, taught by Sidney.‎ somewherelse 2022/06/26[41] ENG Sterling Rental
Mammy A Nandroid designed around the "mammy" stereotype. Indonesian Gentleman ENG
Mandy digitalkon 2021/10/30[113]
[note 1]
Mandy Nandroid who does her best to care for her eldritch demon child. Named Mandy by her creator,[114] although the name Tammy was used by others at first.[115] Anonymous (character),
Beanbag (design)
2022/03/26[116] ENG
Marceline Nandroid turned outmode after an explosion killed her owners. Now she eludes authorities and mercenaries sent by several companies using various weapons her owners trained her with before their deaths. In$pector Venu$ 2022/10/03[117] ENG
Maria The first clockwork Nandroid created in the fandom. Indonesian Gentleman ‎2020/06/21[118] ENG Historical, Wooden robot
Maria Gonzalez
(Black Maria)
Mexican Nandroid that fights to defend Mexico. "I would do anything to defend the flag." Darkrat 2022/09/16[119] SPA
Marianne Baxet4 2021/08/05[120] SPA Policedroid
Marianne A porcelain coated iron automaton working as a maid aboard the RMS Titanic. Co-worker of Tappy.[121] JollyCordie 2023/04/14 ENG Historical
Marie mrzokaart 2022/01/04[122] ENG
Mary Destroyed Nandroid brought back to life by the now-adult kid she raised. Rippen_Tehr ENG
Marnie A Nandroid owned by a music executive who starts a metal band. Friend with Tina. Snelly_ESQ 2023/07/04 ENG
Mary A second personality split off from Glory who once co-habitated her body, but forcibly took complete control. She is destructive and relentless, and wants Citlaly's power source. SounDy 2021/09/14[123]
[note 1]
SPA SoundyStory, Nursedroid
Mary Ann A Nandroid who helps out nuns in a cistercian convent with some of their manual labor. Mostly helps with nuns who are older or with some illness. AstralTellurian 2023/07/05[124] ENG Nundroid
Matron Heavy duty Nandroid for tougher work such as cleaning barracks and hospital wings. DSyonide 2021/06/09[125] ENG
May Nathaniel Luis 2022/05/24[126] ENG
Medusa Fightdroid with many snake-like eyes on stems. Name inferred from this filename.[127] Zeta ENG Nandroid Fight Club
Melody ...the Corroded Maiden. Chassis is structurally unsound, and she has many weapons ready to burst through her rusted surfaces. A bit blunt but very kind, with a scratchy voice. 2020/05/31[128] ENG
Melody Piggomi 2023/05/29[33] ENG
Mélody Nandroid whose voice settings are stuck set to French. Originated as a Nandroid who "looks like Barbara Gordon from the Batman animated series".[129] Wholesome_Hobo ENG
Mendy Nandroid capable of spraying acid from her eyes as a defense mechanism. AnonIngram ENG
Merry A bratty next-gen Nandroid prototype with the ability to taste. Spends much of her time in a low-power sleep mode, but when she's awake she expects her caretaker to satisfy her each and every whim. Rings a bell when she wants something. Neppy, BravoZombie 2023/11/02[130]
[note 4]
Michelina Nandroid from a fairytale-ish setting who wishes to become a real human (Nandroid Pinocchio, basically). Nandroidtales 2021/01/02 ENG Historical, Wooden robot
Millie Nandroid who, after years of abuse, became a murderous misanthrope and ran away to live alone in the woods. Was later rescued by an outmode and eventually became friends with Pomme. Anonymous (character),
RustyHorns (story)
2020/06/20[131] ENG
Mina A Nandroid with a man's soul trapped into it.[132] MithraGVR 2022/09/23[133] SPA
Mindy Nandroid who struggles to accept that her charge has grown up and that they need to save money for his college. Likely unrelated to Domcell's or Ragefulsolutions' Mindys. Nandroidtales 2021/02/20[134] ENG
Mindy Lindsay's classmate who ends up almost destroyed by her during their self-defence roleplay class. Likely unrelated to Domcell's or Nandroidtales' Mindys. Ragefulsolutions 2022/04/08 ENG
Mindy A Nandroid who is taking care of one Mr. Ginger. Bloomy Cali 2023/09/16[135] ENG
Missy Missy is shy, clumsy, and a philosopher Nandroid. She often studies new languages and observes human behavior and interactions so she can act and feel more like a human being. Ich Leibe Dich 2023/02/24 ENG
Molly Kiddroid version of Molly. ENG Kiddroid
Mona A Nandroid owned by Edward Whitlock, a well-renowned painter and sculptor. Mona takes lessons and learns from Mr. Whitlock’s painting and sculpting techniques, becoming somewhat of an apprentice to him. thetoonerdraws 2023/01/16[136] ENG
Monic h47322411 2021/08/25[137] SPA
Motley R63 of Molly. ENG Botler, Genderbent
Musfirah Nandroid in service of the Taliban, washes clothes and cooks meals, and an interview target for reporter Franklin Mears. Hun_Anon
Nadya Soviet robot tasked with defending a Soviet spy satellite. LaunchEscapeTower ENG Nandroids in Space, Russian Nandroid, Spacedroid
Nan-avut Inupiaq Nandroid. Unknown (idea),
Indonesian Gentleman (design)
[note 5]
Nancy A Nandroid who lives with her owner on a farm. BilboSwaggins 2021/01/30[139] ENG Farmdroid
Nanushka Russian babushka Nandroid. "Eat your blins!" Iamlem 2020/06/21[140] ENG
Natalia Mean Nandroid who served at the household of the brother of Olivia's late master. OliviAnon 2021/07/21 ENG
Natalia Latina Nandroid working as both a Nandroid and a cashier in a convenience store. Bulletz4Breakfeast350 2022/08/22 ENG
Nataly Nandroid bought by the husband of a married couple after their human maid quit. Goozoid ENG
Nathalie Hobo Nandroid. Nathanon 2022/02/05[141] ENG
Nelly A friend of Britney. Horiz0ne 2022/04/03[142] ENG Britney the Nandroid
Nicole deutschelap37 2021/08/01[143] SPA
Ninny Gatsby 2022/05/30 ENG Short Nandroid
Noelle Depressed Nandroid whose dreams of caring for a real human child never came true. BlankTheConquer 2020/08/22[144] ENG
Noemi A stock Nandroid awaiting arrival to her family. She secretly likes to sing. Enclave 2023/02/19[145] ENG
Nomina Misfit-the-monster 2023/08/29[146] ENG
Oliva The "good vibes" Nandroid. Member #3 of The Fruit Salad team. MithraGVR 2022/04/09[147] SPA Team Fruid Salad
Nandroid granted legal guardianship of her late masters' orphaned children. OliviAnon 2020/08/19 ENG
Oliver Mean botler who replaced Natalia at the household of the brother of Olivia's late master. Olivia ENG Botler
Ony A Nandroid who wears an Oni mask. bigbeatsal 2024/01/04[148] ENG
Paisley German Nandroid captured by the US navy during WW2. Ragefulsolutions ENG Historical
Peach Plays the lyre. Member #2 of the creator's "Team Fruit Salad" Nandroids. MithraGVR 2022/04/08[149] SPA Team Fruit Salad
Penny Reporter Nandroid with suggestive curves who does a little bit more than report when near a certain Atlas-involved space telescope. LaunchEscapeTower 2020/10/03 ENG Nandroids in Space
Penny Nataly's friend who was deemed defective and deactivated after she confessed love for her owner. Goozoid ENG
Penny Nandroid who works as a truck driver. Cpt-Pop ENG
Penny Nandroid who won't let the house fall out of shape, even in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse. HellOnEarthIII 2021/08/16‎[150] ENG‎
Penny JumboG (character)
BigBeatSal (design)
2023/10/29[151] ENG
Percy A shy robot operating a lift at a subglacial research facility. Never explicitly identified as a Sterling botler, but appears to be one due to being described as being similar to Astrid. Frogger 2021/10/14‎ ENG Inner Shell, Botler
Petra Medical assistant at a subglacial research facility. Has skinless forearms that can be detached and sterilized. Never explicitly identified as a Sterling nan (but see Astrid). Frogger 2021/10/06 ENG Inner Shell
Pomme Nandroid who ended up living on a farm after her family moved away. Later met and befriended Millie and helped her mellow out. 2021/02/07[152] ENG Farmdroid
Poppy Piggomi 2023/05/29[33] ENG
Poppy 2021/04/17[153] ENG
Priority Overworked superintendent Nandroid for a weapon manufacturing factory. Sorority's sister. AnonIngram ENG
Prudence Clockwork wooden Nandroid that hunts supernatural creatures in early colonial America Nandroidtales 2020/10/24 ENG Historical, Wooden robot
Quinley Nandroid obsessed with keeping things neat and clean. DisSketch 2020/08/02[154] ENG
Ramy Head chef in her owners' manor. AnonIngram ENG
Riya A Nandroid from an alternate timeline. RomanS 2023/02/22 ENG
Rhody Mercenary Nandroid. Steals brain components from her dead foes. JollyCordie 2022/10/01
[note 6]
ENG Soldier / Warrior
Riley Nandroid who replaced Avery after she and the oldest kid moved out. Teelokay 2020/07/21[155] ENG
Robbecca In the far future, she acts as the translator and helper to an alien. tazerjmarks 2020/06/22[156] ENG
Root Beer Carhop waitress equipped with a root-beer dispenser. Rexhastala ENG Sodadroids, Waitress
Rory Nandroid owned by an eccentric businessman who doesn't seem to care about her. JollyCordie 2022/11/20[157] ENG
Rosemary ...the Gunwitch. Her chest cavity is repurposed into a dual machine gun turret, and she has single-round shotguns in her legs. Tough but hearty, and likes to laugh. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/05/31[158] ENG Nandroid Fight Club
Rosemary A nurse Nandroid working in a hospital tent during WW1. Nandroidtales ENG Historical, Nursedroid
Rosemary The split personality Nandroid, "Rosemary". One personaliy is named Rose, the other is Mary. Theft_Hero 2024/04/09[159] ENG
Rosey A Nandroid who develops feelings for her owner and must battle the new emotions she encounters. JumboG 2023/09/26 ENG
Rosy Chicotitanic 2024/03/08 SPA
Ruby Evil version of Emmy. Named here.[160] Teelokay 2020/06/06[161] ENG
Ruby Nandroid who saves Beacon City from a terrorist attack. As a reward, she is granted citizenship status, her own house, and... a servant Nandroid of her own. Anonymous (idea),
Nandroidtales (story)
2021/01/30[162] ENG
Sadeequa Nandroid fighting for the Islamic State, and target for interview by reporter Franklin Mears. Hun_Anon ENG Soldier / Warrior
Sadie Rexhastala 2022/06/25[163] ENG
Sally Special Nandroid developed to test a Nandroid's effectiveness in police work. Nandroidtales 2020/11/14 ENG Policedroid
Sammy Pet-loving second Nandroid given to the stress-tester who rescued Lulu. Stress-Test-Anon 2020/05/30[164] ENG
Sammy Kiddroid version of Sammy. ENG Kiddroid
Sandy Nandroid who went crazy after her owner's wife attacked her out of jealousy.[165] RT-Anon SPA Aubrey the Robot
Sarah Nandroid with a detachable head that can be put onto her armed secondary bigger body. Captain_Dagon 2022/06/21[166] ENG
Savitri Indian-manufactured Nandroid that belongs to a famous Bollywood actor. Dreams of becoming an actress herself and moving to America. "Good morning, sirs!" Anonymous (idea),
Indonesian Gentleman (design)
2022/01/01[167] ENG
Seras Clockwork81453 2020/12/30[168]
Serenity Unknown entity. AnonIngram ENG
Shelley Custom-order Nandroid designed to be as Goth-y and spooky for an equally eccentric family. Indonesian Gentleman ENG
Shelly ...the Ocean's Brute. Likes showboating for her master. Features a large clamp for grabbing, and a smaller spiked one for puncturing. Has two sets of legs for added mobility. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/06/07[169] ENG Nandroid Fight Club
Shelly TF2-inspired Australian Nandroid. Anonymous (idea),
IamLem (design)
2020/06/14[170] ENG
Sidney An Australian based Nandroid used in a rental service. Teaches Maisy and Debbie. somewherelse 2022/06/26[41] ENG
Shirley A standard Nandroid caring for a child named Charlotte. Her favorite task in Nandroid School was excersising and she hopes to be part of a theater production one day.[171] AnimationFan15 2023/11/17[172] ENG
Shortcake A custom made Nandroid who is modified for hospitality, she works at the SweetBlush Maid Café Piggomi 2023/05/28[173] ENG
Sony deutschelap37 2022/01/28[174] SPA
Sophia Prototype Gen 5 Nandroid using a crystaline-based memory structure. AnonIngram ENG
a.k.a. Sophy
Names gleaned from here[175] and here.[176] Baxet4? 2021/09/08[177]
[note 1]
Sophia A slightly damaged Nandroid who is anxious and shy. TheCrazyFranny 2024/01/12[178] ENG
Sophie A kind, shy, and introverted Nandroid. Multifandom Fangirl 2023/02/12[179] ENG
Sorority A Gen 3 Nandroid made of black marble and gold. Head maid of her Lord's manor. AnonIngram ENG
Stacey ...the Toothy Baby. Very short and stout Nandroid with a large mouth full of sharp teeth for chewing off opponents' limbs. Has an inferiority complex because of her height. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/05/31[180] ENG Nandroid Fight Club, Short Nandroid
Stacy A friend of Britney. Horiz0ne 2022/04/03[142] ENG Britney the Nandroid
Sterly John Sterling uploaded into a Nandroid chassis. Jokingly named here.[181] Anonymous (character),
Indonesian Gentleman (design)
2020/05/30[182] ENG
Sugar An apparently defective Nandroid unit waiting a software fix. Her name is an acryonym for Sweet Unit Garanteed to Attention and Resting. LukaryMikami 2023/06/15[183] ENG
a.k.a. Sunny
Ragamuffin 2022/06/14 ENG
Sunny Sunny is an energetic, positive Nandroid who serves the Helm Househeld's son. She also likes flowers. Piggommi 2023/12/25[184] ENG
Susy ...the Gymnast. Almost factory default, except her joint endstops are removed and her wiring rearranged so she can contort in all manner of ways. Bubbly personality. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/05/31[185] ENG Nandroid Fight Club
SuZuiNy A companion and combat Nandroid with some weapon modifications. raxcl 2023/01/23[186] ENG Combat-droid
Svetlana Zhukov Military-grade Nandroid gifted to the Director of the KGB after a Peace Agreement between the United States and the USSR opened trade between the East and West. Scarred with a bayonet during a combat demonstration, giving her the nickname of "Bayonet"[187] Yurikov 2023/01/30
[note 6]
ENG Combat-droid, Soldier / Warrior
Sweety A Nandroid who takes care of her owner far into his twilight years. AnonIngram ENG
An emo Nandroid living in the 2000's. Based on the same story concept as Denise, but is a completely different character. Nandroidtales 2021/01/09 ENG
Tabby Nandroid who was tossed out after her charges grew up. Was subsequently discovered by Madison and brought to a repair shop, where Tabby stayed. Likes music and collects cassettes for her walkman. Neppy 2022/04/23 ENG
Tailer El_panas_burno 2023/06/07[188] SPA
Tali Tiny Nandroid, often seen with Lil in artwork. Smeet ENG Short Nandroid
Talibandroid Nandroid with a rocket launcher serving the Taliban. 2021/08/24[189] ENG
Talkie A malfunctioning prototype Nandroid who has a speaker instead of a mouth, meant to sing. Friend of Husky. Starke 2023/12/27[190] ENG
Taomi deutschelap37 2022/04/15[191] ENG
Tappy A highly advanced brass automaton working as the telegraph operator for the RMS Titanic. Co-worker of Marianne. [192] JollyCordie 2023/04/14 ENG Historical
Tatyana Soviet Nandroid who embarks on space adventures when the Soviet Union forces her to land on the moon. LaunchEscapeTower ENG Nandroids in Space, Russian Nandroid, Spacedroid
Tee-vy I have no eyes, but I can scream. AnonIngram 2022/09/11 ENG Other robot
Tilly Nandroid donated to NASA by Sterling for tax relief. Ends up embarking on many space adventures after NASA, desperate to beat the USSR to space, uses her as a replacement for human pilots. LaunchEscapeTower 2020/08/22[193] ENG Nandroids in Space, Spacedroid
Tilly Kiddroid version of astronaut Tilly. 2021/01/23 ENG Nandroids in Space, Kiddroid, Spacedroid
Tiggy Zoo-keeper Nandroid in Pharos City. The L.E.A.F. discord server. ENG
Tina A Nandroid who answers the ad made by Marnie to start a metal band. Snelly_ESQ 2023/07/04 ENG
Tory One of the Nandroids working in the Robotops diner. Hun_Anon 2020/11/24‎ ENG Robotops diner, Waitress
Tracey A British Nandroid who accepts a flyby mission to Mars to escape the miseries of Earth. LaunchEscapeTower 2020/11/07 ENG Nandroids in Space, Spacedroid
Trilby ...the Godfather's Nanny. Stock Nandroid in mafia clothes armed with a tommy gun. Speaks with an Italian accent. Can be a bit loopy. Indonesian Gentleman 2020/06/07[194] ENG Nandroid Fight Club
Trinity Brass Nandroid assigned to assist a Lord Inquisitor in his investigations. AnonIngram ENG
Trinity SounDy 2021/08/26[195]
[note 1]
SPA SoundyStory
Utzy Stutzel A Nandroid purchased by the Stutzel Snack Company. Owner treats her as a daughter, which has given her a spoiled, princess complex. Speaks with a Bavarian accent.[196] Neppy 2022/09/13 ENG
Valérie A Nandroid working aboard a ship studying the wreck of the RMS Titanic. JollyCordie 2023/04/14 ENG
Vanny Homeless Nandroid taken in by the man repairing Mary. Rippen_Tehr ENG
Vera Nathaniel Luis 2024/05/17 ENG
Vicky Emmy's classmate from the class where they learned about acceptable lies to children. In wwwJam's story, she's a Nandroid in love with her fellow botler Emmet. Dominic Cellini (design),
wwwJam (character)
2020/03/31 ENG
Victor Clockwork81453 2021/01/03[197] ENG Botler
Victor Wild West Botler. IamLem 2022/06/12[198] ENG Historical, Botler
Victoria "Limited edition" gothic Victorian era-inspired Nandroid model. Tends to be quite sassy and a bit lazy. CosmicNeon ENG
Vivi Teacher's assistant at Stephenson Preschool & Day Care. 2020/12/26[199] ENG
(Automata Magia)
An alternate universe Vivi where she becomes a magical girl. Neppy 2023/07/16[200] ENG
Waverly Lifeguard and surfer Nandroid equipped with a pair of scuba scooters. Masochrist (character),
Al McWhiggin (character),
Beanbag (design)
2022/07/13[201] ENG
Weatherly One of the Nandroids working at the Robotops diner. Smokes cigarettes. Hun_Anon 2020/11/24‎ ENG Robotops diner, Waitress
Emmy's classmate, sat in front of Franny in outmodes class. In WendyAnon's story, she is bought by a divorcee to help him raise his - no, their - daughter. Dominic Cellini (design),
WendyAnon (character)
Wendy Emmy's classmate, sat in front of Franny in Outmodes class. In OliviAnon's story, she awakens in the ruins of a sparsely populated Southern township. Dominic Cellini (design),
OliviAnon (character)
Wen-Li Did you expect Wendy? Too bad, it me: Wen-Li! Indonesian Gentleman ENG Other robot
Willow Nandroid who ended up being deployed to the Vietnam War as a field medic. Nandroidtales 2021/03/01[202] ENG
Xaky Nandroid capable of hacking and taking control of other robots. SounDy 2021/07/11[203]
[note 1]
SPA SoundyStory
Xian TedDuhBear ENG Japanese Nandroid
Yetty A feral Nandroid caught on a trailcam just at the fringes of civilization.[204] Named here.[205] Anonymous (Character), Indonesian Gentleman (Design) 2023/03/18[206] ENG
Zoey Nandroid who wound up in a used robotics dealership. Nandroidtales 2021/04/03 ENG
Zoey Outmode gang member Nandroid armed with a baseball bat who goes around harrassing civillians. Named here.[207] Keramagath 2020/11/28[208] ENG

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