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Full name: Anon Ymous
Serial number:
Species: Robot
Type: Nandroid?
Owned by:
Employed by:
Canonicity: Fanon
Created on: 2021/10/05[1]
Created by: frogger

Astrid is a fanon robot, presumed to be a Nandroid, who works in a research complex studying "The Shell", an anomalous cave structure two kilometers under the ice at the south pole.[2] The robots stationed there, including a male robot Bjorn, doctor's assistant Petra, and male robot Percy, perform domestic duties or assist the research staff.[1]

Astrid has a very unique personality, being very direct and insistent,[3] but having an interest in trying new experiences, even going so far as to request the removal of one of her arms, threatening to do it herself.[1]

Appearances[edit source]

Fan stories featuring Astrid
Author Title Characters Synopsis Lang Date Links Rating Tags
frogger Inner Shell Astrid, Bjorn, Percy, Petra Astrid is stationed at a subglacial research facility alongside several other robots. ENG Pastebin link   Wayback link

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