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Blocking is the means by which an administrator prevents a user from editing this wiki. Blocks are designed to stop disruption and enforce site policies. Block lengths may vary, depending on the severity of the disruption, but in most cases a block may be lifted if the offending user agrees to stop the disruptive behavior.

How blocks work[edit source]

Administrators may issue blocks to registered user accounts and IP addresses by utilizing Special:Block, which is only accessible to administrators and other Fandom personnel. This page allows administrators to select the username or IP address of the intended blocking target, the duration of the block, and the reason for the block. A block duration may be temporary or permanent. Once blocked, a username or IP address will not be able to edit this wiki until the block expires. Blocks may be removed via Special:Unblock.

A list of all currently blocked users on this wiki can be found here, while the Block log lists the complete blocking history of this wiki. Any individual user's blocking history can also be accessed via the "block log" link on their contributions page.

Grounds for blocking[edit source]

The following section lists some of the most common reasons for which a block may be issued on this wiki. This list is by no means comprehensive, and administrators are not bound by these specific cases. All blocks issued by administrators are on a case by case basis.

  1. Inappropriate content — Content that is not allowed on this wiki, either in written or image form
  2. Breaking policy — Not following the rules laid out in other policies pages
  3. Vandalism — Any edit made to deliberately lower the quality of this wiki, such as adding nonsense to articles or blanking pages
  4. Disruption — Behavior that damages this wiki and its community
  5. Fanon — Adding fanon content to canon pages.
  6. Personal attacks — Users/edits personally attacking people or their work
  7. Sockpuppetry — An attempt by a user to evade an existing block in order to continue to edit this wiki
  8. Consensus violation — Deliberate attempts to counteract this wiki's policies
  9. Commercialization spam — Adding commercial links or content to articles

Rules and guidelines[edit source]

Specific rules[edit source]

  1. Blocking on this wiki is the exclusive purview of the administration.
  2. Although blocks are most typically made in response to violations of this wiki's site policy, there are no specific parameters for when or how an administrator must issue a block. An initial warning is generally recommended before issuing a block, and successive blocks will then incrementally increase in duration, but this is by no means required.

Blocking IP addresses[edit source]

Due to the dynamic nature of IP addresses, administrators should not block an IP address permanently, with the exception of proxy servers and web hosting services. Administrators may also apply range blocks to a specific group of IP addresses.

AbuseFilter[edit source]

The AbuseFilter MediaWiki extension may only be modified by the administration.

I've been blocked. What do I do?[edit source]

If you were blocked on this site, you can reach out for more information or an appeal by contacting us.