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On this wiki, we aim to build a comprehensive knowledge base about the world of Dominic Cellini's webcomic Emmy the Robot and the works of its many creative fans. Our content policy outlines some principles explaining what exactly is to be documented here, and how.

Questionable content[edit source]

Emmy the Robot, our primary canon source material and our greatest inspiration, is cute, wholesome, and family-friendly. Its premise is simple, yet inspires many fans to write their own stories, illustrate their favorite nandroids, and even create custom nandroids of their very own. These works explore many new situations and environments, attempt to expand or explain minor details in the comic, or try to further develop entire new parts of Emmy's world that the canon comic may never touch upon.

As a result, many stories contain mature themes not suitable for minors. Many of Emmy the Robots' fans are well into adulthood, writing or illustrating for other adult fans on other adult-oriented websites, and some content may be shocking or offensive to some viewers. But as a repository of knowledge for both canon and fanon material, this wiki aims to provide both a complete record as well as document both its largest and proudest creations, no matter where they may hail from.

It is therefore important to set the readers' expectations straight: not everything you see on this wiki will share the innocent, family-friendly nature of Emmy the Robot. Some content documented here may be considered Not Safe For Work. Other content might be perfectly safe, but may originate from NSFW sources. A good example are fandroids created on 4chan's /co/ threads, where a large part of Emmy the Robot's fanbase congregates and participates. Fandroids may originate from innocent 4chan posts sharing the same thread with explicit or offensive posts. Such a thread must still be cited as a source and linked to accordingly.

Nevertheless, in an effort to uphold the core spirit of Emmy the Robot, outright explicit material is barred from this wiki. The following rules regulate the usage of questionable content when the line is blurred:

  1. Pages that feature or refer to questionable content must be prefaced with the appropriate warning. Everyone's sensibilities for what can be considered questionable are different, so err on the side of caution.
  2. Questionable content must be kept away from pages that primarily focus on canon material. Such content is absolutely not what most people coming to read about canon material will want to see. Links to NSFW fanfiction featuring canon characters must stay on the fan stories subpage and not be included onto the main page.
  3. Explicit, graphic, or fetish images or descriptions of sex or violence must not be uploaded or written to this wiki at all. All images and text must be suitable for public viewing or reading. You may mention that a character sustained a severe injury or that two characters have a sexual relationship if you must, but do not go further than is absolutely necessary for context. Again, err on the side of caution.

Writing about own work[edit source]

As per our manual of style, we ask, among other things, that articles are written from a neutral, unbiased point of view, and that sources are properly cited. However, this is often tricky when you are writing about your own work.

Try to stay unbiased when writing about your own work. Remember, you are making a page for a knowledge repository, not an entry for a "best character" contest. Also, keep in mind that how you perceive your own creation might differ from the impression others get from it. And try not to spoil your own story when writing about unpublished events!

Do not make entries on this wiki for the sake of making entries on this wiki. Ideally, the wiki should be a repository of information collected from elsewhere, not its original source. While nothing is stopping you from writing a page about a character you've just come up with and citing "own work" as a source, it is going to read a lot like "Source: dude trust me". Thus, if you have conceived a character, consider putting information about them elsewhere first, and then citing it as a source on the wiki. It can be a post in an Emmy the Robot thread on /co/, a tweet, a short story on AO3, or even just character descriptions in a text file on Pastebin, or at the very least a screenshot of a conversation with your friends on Discord. The more verifiable the source is, the better.

No pages for real people[edit source]

This wiki is meant to house pages about a variety of fictional subjects: Nandroids, other characters, locations and so on. This includes pages about notable stories in which those fictional subjects appear.

Do not submit pages about the creators of characters, art, or other written works. It is often hard to find reliable information about people or stay unbiased in discussions about them, and due to the nature of the modern Internet and its many hate machines these attempts often leads to personal attacks, bad-faith arguments, or other abuse. Thus, no personal details of real-world fans and other participants are not welcome here.

Spoilers[edit source]

Spoilers to stories or character information is allowed as long as the page has the appropriate warning and uses spoiler text, like this.