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The following image policy aims to provide a set of standards and guidelines regarding the style and formatting of articles on this wiki. For guidelines regarding the structure of articles, refer to the layout guide.

General[edit source]

  • Explicit, graphic, or fetish images or depictions of sex or violence must not be uploaded to this wiki at all.
  • Illustrative images not related to the source material or fandom creations may be used sparingly.
  • Webtoons or Instagram art/comics must be used in place of Patreon content, unless the art/comic is unique to Patreon. Patreon art is to be used sparingly.
  • Use of unofficial images on canon pages is not allowed.

File formats[edit source]

  • PNG format is generally preferred for most types of images.
  • JPEG can be used, but it is preferable to use it only if the file's native format was JPEG and minimal editing has been done, or if it is required to compress a file to fit the Fandom server limitations (see the Quality section for more information).

File descriptions[edit source]

  • Always tag your file with the appropriate copyright template.
  • Always specify where the file came from, such as a website URL or the name of the source from which the image is scanned or captured.
  • Do not upload content with falsified sources or copyright tags.
  • Files should be categorized by source, subject, and type, if relevant categories are available.

Filenames[edit source]

  • Always use a clear, recognizable, non-duplicated filename, preferably using the following nomenclature guidelines. Note that if any file with the same title has already been uploaded, it will be replaced with your new one.
  • Filenames should preferably be relevant to the subject matter.
  • Do not simply name your file as a random alphanumeric string.
  • Non-ASCII characters and excessive punctuation should be avoided.
  • Extensions must be in short form (e.g. "jpg" over "jpeg") and lowercase.
  • Do not include a space before the file extension.
  • Inappropriate filenames may be changed by an administrator at any time.

Quality[edit source]

  • Images for use in articles should be of the highest quality publicly available.
  • Patreon comics can be used ONLY IF no other free option is available.
  • Images should be under 10 megabytes and 12.5 megapixels. Uploads larger than this may be deleted and replaced with a copy that falls within these limits.

Edited images[edit source]

Images should be true to their source. However, a small amount of editing is permissible in order to enhance an image's usefulness or illustrative capability (i.e. editing out a speech bubble or giving a background a fully solid color). Excessively edited images may be deleted at the discretion of the administration.

Cropping[edit source]

  • Images taken from private (Patreon) posts must be cropped.
  • If an image has unsightly letterbox frames or other segments that distract from the primary image, it must be cropped to remove these segments.
  • Ideally, speech bubbles should be completely cropped out of an image. If it is not possible to crop them out, the text in the bubbles should be left in if the bubble is intact. If any part of the text in the bubble is cut off, the remaining text must be removed.
  • An uploader may remove a speech bubble entirely using "cloning" or other photo editing tools, provided the primary content of the image is not substantially altered.

Usage[edit source]

  • Images must be used in a page within a reasonable time from when they are uploaded. Unused images are deleted weekly, if not sooner.
  • For free image hosting, try Imgur or a similar provider. Abuse of the upload function for personal use may result in a temporary or permanent block per our blocking policy.

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