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This will be a large repository of information on how to go about creating a page for a character. If you think it looks unfun to read, imagine writing it. This is here for me to provide you the tools I didn't have. This will be concise and directed, MUCH more can be done, but this will get you started. It is intended as a crash course but each section will contain a link to more advanced features.

Page Creation[edit source]

Determining the Page Name[edit source]

Before doing anything, if you intend to create a character page for a fan-created Nandroid (or "Fandroid"), please first go here and follow the instructions for adding a fandroid to the List of fan Nandroids, and then return here.

When creating a page for a character, location, or other subject, the Name of the page that defines its URL must first be determined. Pages about real people are not permitted on this wiki. If the above mentioned steps for adding a fandroid to the List of fandroids were followed, then you will already have the page Name value for its URL and can skip to the "Making the Page with the Determined Page Name" section. Otherwise, continue with these instructions.

There are some conventions to follow when deciding on the Name of a page (and subsequently its URL). First and foremost, the full Name of the subject should be used, such as "Angela Delaire" or "Wendy Bishop". There are also some page Name formatting rules to follow that cover situations when there are multiple subjects with the same name, or alternate versions of existing characters, in either canon or fanon. These Name formats can be categorized into three formats:

1: The "vanilla" page Name, such as "Emmy", whose URL displays as "https://emmytherobot.wiki/wiki/Emmy"
2: The "differentiator" page Name, such as "Natalia_(Bulletz4Breakfeast)", whose URL displays as "https://emmytherobot.wiki/wiki/Natalia_(Bulletz4Breakfeast)"
3: The "alternate version" page Name, such as "Wendy/WWU", whose URL (technically a subpage) displays as "https://emmytherobot.wiki/wiki/Wendy/WWU"

You must use the following rules to determine whether the page you are creating shall have a vanilla Name, a differentiator Name, or an alternate version Name.

Differentiator Names are to be used in the event of a vanilla Name conflict between two or more pages about completely separate characters, locations, or other subjects. The vanilla Name is always first given to whichever page concerns canon content, or if there if the conflict is between fanon pages, given to the older of the two conflicts. The remaining pages shall receive a "differentiator" Name, which shall be the vanilla Name with an identifying suffix tacked on. This suffix should, in order of preference, contain the name of the work the subject originates from, or the creator's name if there is no work, and be placed after an underscore and in parenthesis. For example, "Natalia" versus "Natalia_(Bulletz4Breakfeast)". Abbreviating longer story titles or creator names is not permitted for the Name used in the URL, but is acceptable when masking it to save visual space on a page at this time.

Alternative version Names are to be used in the event a subject fractures into multiple versions. In this case, the original or "primary" version shall receive the vanilla URL. The subsequent alternate versions shall have the vanilla Name suffixed followed by a forward-slash, followed by the name of the work they appear in or the name of their creator if there is no work. For example, "Lulu" versus "Lulu/Cobbled". The rule of last names still applies here - for example there is no "Wendy" page because the primary Wendy's Name is "Wendy Bishop", and because the alternative Wendy from 'Wendy Wakes Up' is not the primary, her page Name is still "Wendy/WWU".

After taking all of the above into consideration, you should now have the Name you shall use for the page you are creating. If the name has any spaces in it, replace them with underscores.

Making the Page with the Determined Page Name[edit source]

Now we shall create the actual page. Navigate to the page you'd like to create using the format: https://emmytherobot.wiki/wiki/NAME, where NAME is the subject of the article you are going to write about (i.e. Emmy, Franny, Waverly, The_Mendenhalls, etc...). Once you navigate to the nonexistent page you will get a message stating so and an option to 'create this page'. Click it.

Alternatively, use the following box to check:


Base Style Sheet[edit source]

| name =
| fullname =
| image =
| caption =
| sn =
| species =
| type =
| job =
| owned =
| employed =
| age =
| status =
| canon =
| created =
| creator =
This is a base template page for a Nandroid. A quick overall description should go here.

==Character summary==
Character Summary<ref>[LINK Description]</ref>
|-|First Tab Title=
You can also use tabs to be additional information in, like spoiler content.
|-|Click me!=
Second tab content goes here.
|-|Third Tab Title=
Third tab content goes here.

More information!
*A list
**A list 2
**A list 3
***More list

Post info about other [[People]] or [[Nandroids]] here

==Plot summary==
Some info should be {{Spoiler|spoilered!}}

==Behind the scenes==


{| class="wikitable sortable mw-collapsible"
|+Fan stories featuring character
|Author Name
|<p style="color: blue">SFW</p>
|Author Name
|<p style="color: blue">SFW</p>

{{List of fan stories header}}
{{List of fan stories row|ANCHOR|AUTHOR|TITLE|[[CHARACTERS]]|SYNOPSIS|LNG|DATE|[[File:Ao3.png|25px|link=LINK|AO3 link]]|[[File:Wayback.png|25px|link=LINK|Wayback link]]|[[File:Pastebin.png|25px|link=LINK|Pastebin link]]|[[File:Wayback.png|25px|link=LINK|Wayback link]]|[[File:Www.png|25px|link=LINK|Other link]]|[[File:Wayback.png|25px|link=LINK|Wayback link]]|SFW}}

<references />

Explanation[edit source]

Above is a good starting blank page. To keep it simple, it is using a default "infobox" template and laid out like Emmy's page, and so will look similar. It gives a few sections and shows in a general way how to add some interesting page features, like images, lists, and links to additional reading. Copy the text and paste it into your new blank page. The sections can be renamed to anything you think is relevant.

Basic Information[edit source]

Creating Links[edit source]

First thing to note, you can create links using the following syntax:

[https://www.google.com This is an external link!]
[[Waverly#Trivia|Waverly's Trivia]]

The above text would create the two following links:
This is an external link!
Waverly's Trivia

So the syntax is: external links are between a single set of brackets ([ ]), with the full link first, then a space, then the text you would like to see. External links will automatically display an arrow symbol at the end, indicating you will leave the site by clicking it.

Internal links (links to pages on this wiki) can be linked by putting the name of the page between two sets of brackets ([[ ]]). Example: Waverly in brackets (Waverly) will redirect to https://emmytherobot.wiki/wiki/Wavrely, without the need to have the full HTTPS link. Adding a pound symbol (#) will link to a certain section of a page. Adding a vertical bar (|) will let you change the displayed text, allowing for a shorter link. If a page hasn't been created yet the link will appear red.

For more information, you can check out this Advanced Link Syntax page.

NOTOC[edit source]

"NOTOC" stands for NO Table Of Contents. If you include __NOTOC__ at the top of your page it will remove the 'Contents' box. If you have many different sections it may be helpful to delete __NOTOC__ so that the page is more easily navigated.

Categories[edit source]

Be sure to properly tag categorize your page by using the [[Category:NAME]] link at the very bottom of the code snippet. The minimum should include 'Canon' or 'Fanon', along with any others you might think are relevant. Examples could be 'Canon people', 'Fanon Nandroids', 'Canon outmodes', 'Canon locations'.

Infobox Information[edit source]

The infobox is meant to give a quick overview of pertinent information. Fill out the information as follow:

| name = Character name for the header
| name = Character's name. Will appear at the top of the infobox.
| fullname = Character's full name, if different. Will appear inside the infobox.
| image = nandroid.png (More on this in a minute)
| caption = Caption under the image. Not required.
| sn = Serial Number, if available or required
| species = Human? [[Robot]]?
| type = Nandroid? Busker bot?
| job = What is their job? Could just be [[Nandroid]]
| owned = Who owns the Nandroid? Example: The Delaires, John Sterling
| employed = Who does the Nandroid work for? If they don't have a personal owner, maybe they work for a company?
| age = Character age.
| status = Are they an outmode? Offline? Lost?
| canon = Canon or Fanon, only those two options, please.
| created = Creation date
| creator = Creator(s)

Not all the above information needs filled out. If you leave a space blank after the =, then it won't show up on the final page. Any alphanumeric information can be put into the above area. Take a look at a few pages to figure out the kind of 'style' that would help fit in the wiki.

Images[edit source]

Uploading files[edit source]

There are two ways to upload images. The first would be to click on the 'Upload File' link in the left 'Wiki tools' panel. You'll be taken to a new page where you can give your image a name and description. Another option is to click the 'Images and Media' button at the top of the page editor box. From there click the 'Upload' button in the bottom left of the pop-up. Be sure to give your images unique names. Try things like 'Emmyofficial.png' or 'Waverlyfan.png'.

Be sure to also give your image a brief explanation, select the proper license, and include the source for where you got your image.

Image Syntax[edit source]

Images in the infobox are automatically scaled as close to 225x330 as possible, while retaining their aspect ratio. For best results, crop your image to that size/aspect ratio and save it in PNG format before uploading it. Once your images are uploaded you can add them to your page using the syntax [[File:Imagename.png|OPTIONS|Caption]]. Imagename.png should obviously be your images name. The following are just a few options available, always separated by a bar (|).

[[File:Imagename.png|200px|center|I love Nandroids]]
An image scaled to 200 pixels and center aligned with a caption reading 'I love Nandroids'

[[File:Imagename.png|frame|right|Editing is tough]]
An image with no scaling, in a frame, right aligned with a caption reading 'Editing is tough'

An image with no scaling, no alignment, just thumbnail of the image, with a caption reading 'smol'

For more information, you can check out this Advanced Image Syntax page.

Page Text[edit source]

Now the real fun beings! Start filling out your Nandroids information! Writing a word in between a set of two equal signs (==WORD==) will make a new section, like 'Page Creation' and 'Base Style Sheet' above. Writing a word in between a set of three equal signs (===WORD===) will make a new subsection, like 'Adding Pictures' and 'Page Text' above. Adding more equal signs will create deeper subsections, as many as you need.

For more information, you can check out this Quick Formatting Help page or this Advanced Formatting Help page.

Spoilers[edit source]

For information that may be considered a spoiler, be sure to implement spoiler text using the following template syntax.

{{Warning/Spoilers}} <--Include this at the top of your page.
{{Spoiler|Words you want to be hidden}}

Tabber[edit source]

You can also use the <tabber> tag to create additional text boxes in the same sections, for spoilers or additional text.

Sources[edit source]

As you write your page, be sure to cite sources for your information.

Appearances[edit source]

The {{List of fan stories header}} line MUST be included for the table to show up correctly, and MUST have the |} at the end of the section, on a new line. Fill in the syntax similar to here.

Tips[edit source]

Link[edit source]

LINK LINK LINK!! The best part of a wiki is it's interconnectivity. Be sure to add lots of interwiki links [[ ]] to your article to help bring everything together and make it easier for others to find your work.

Cite sources[edit source]

The strength of Wikipedia comes from it's ability to be fact checked and corrected. An image from the booru, a tweet by an author, a post on 4chan, anything for verification of the information you include.

Copy code[edit source]

Take a look at other pages in the wiki to see how they look. If there's something you like, copy and alter the code to fit your page. Things like a gallery of images or a specific section layout are great things to copy as it helps create a more cohesive feel if many pages share the same design.

Take a break[edit source]

Creating a page can be overwhelming. Trust me, I know. You don't have to do everything at once.