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The following fandroid list layout guide aims to provide a set of standards and guidelines regarding how to add a character to the List of fan Nandroids page. A copy/paste version is included at the bottom of this article for your convenience.

General[edit source]

What is allowed[edit source]

You are welcome to add Sterling Robotics Nandroids or other robots made in the spirit of a Nandroid, either design or function-wise (e.g. botlers, Japanese Nandroids, historical Nandroids, Nandroids modified for other types of jobs, etc.)

What is not allowed[edit source]

  • Characters or information that is expressly forbidden by the content policies of this wiki.
  • Humans
  • Other type of robots
  • Nandroid-like robots who are not actually Nandroids from other fandoms or fictional universes
  • ANY characters re-imagined as nandroids, no matter their origin.

Please consult the discussion page if you are unsure whether a character belongs.

Additional[edit source]

  • All sections should be divided with a single vertical bar ( | ).
  • Blank cells (unknown information) should contain a single blank unicode character. Copy it here ‏‏‎ ‎.

Creating an entry[edit source]

List of fan Nandroids row[edit source]

The List of fan Nandroids row portion is required for the template to work correctly. It should always be included and never altered.

Anchor[edit source]

The first section is for an "anchor", something that can be linked to from other pages that will take you directly to that row, like this. This should be the nandroid's regular name in all lowercase. Each nandroid's anchor value must be unique however, so if multiple nandroids have identical names, suffix a number to the end of the one being added, for example "penny2 or "lily4".

Name[edit source]

This cell should display the Nandroid's proper name to the extent it is known, i.e. "Sally" or "Wendy Bishop", and should link to the specific Nandroid's character page, if they have one. The name cell should always be formatted as a link (name surrounded by double bracket, which the template is already configured for), even if the Nandroid has no character page and is unlikely to ever receive one. For most Nandroids, this should be as simple as replacing the "NAME" text with the Nandroid's actual name, again i.e. as "Sally" or "Wendy Bishop".

In some cases multiple Nandroids may have identical names, such as "Penny". In this case, the Name cell shall be formatted as a masked link. A masked link is comprised of two text values separated by a pipe | character. The double brackets remain the same and will surround both values on either side of the pipe. On the left side of the pipe shall be the Nandroid's name formatted to link to their existing or prospective page, for example "Natalia_(Bulletz4Breakfast)". On the right side of the pipe shall be the Nandroid's name as it is to be displayed to a viewer in the cell, for example "Natalia". This allows the cell to display the name "Natalia" while linking to the page for "Natalia_(Bulletz4Breakfast)".

Picture[edit source]

A picture of the character, uploaded to this wiki. Once uploaded you can change the name in the template.

Description[edit source]

This section should contain a brief description of the character. Try to keep it concise so that it fits inside the cell. Use proper capitalization and formatting.

If space allows, split real-world information from in-universe information into different paragraphs. Real-world info should always come second, unless it is absolutely critical to understanding something or serves to differentiate the character from another.

Creator[edit source]

This section specifies who created the character. Multiple people can be listed here if there were different people who helped with the idea or design.

Date[edit source]

This section is for the earliest known date of creation for the character. Assumed to be the very first instance of the given Nandroid's existence in posted artwork, literature, posts, or some other media, unless the creator specifies a date of their own. It must be in YYYY/MM/DD format.

If a character originates from a single post, tweet, or other source that you can trace, please make sure to cite it.

Language[edit source]

This section is for the main language of the character. Since Emmy is a worldwide phenomena there are many non-English characters. Typical entries include ENG for English, SPA for Spanish.

Tags[edit source]

This section is for tags that may help people find a character or certain types of characters. Tags are to be added in a specific order according to certain categories they fall into. Tags should be added in the order of Collection > Model > Type > Variant. The permitted tags for these categories are available in the following lists.

Collection[edit source]

Collection category: an established group or notable set of characters that the character belongs to, if any. This usually means nandroids originating from the same story, creator or concept.

Aubrey the Robot
Historical (HFD)
Inner Shell
Nandroid Fight Club
Robotops Diner
Nandroids in Space
Team Fruit Salad

Model[edit source]

Model category: denotes which robot make or model the character is.

Please note that "Russian Nandroid" and "Japanese Nandroid" refer specifically to non-Sterling robot models designed by robot manufacturers from those countries. A "Japan-themed" Sterling Nandroid is NOT a "Japanese Nandroid".

Blank = Sterling Nandroid (including modified) or unclear

Budget Nandroid
Giant Nandroid
Japanese Nandroid
Russian Nandroid
Short Nandroid
Wooden Robot
Other Robot

Type[edit source]

Type category: indicates the character's primary occupation or purpose. Not all possible types are listed here, just some notable ones outside of the standard maid/nanny.

Solider / Warrior

Variant[edit source]

Character Variant category: denotes whether the character is a variation of a previously existing character, e.g. an age-shifted or a genderbent version.


Template[edit source]

Copy/paste the below template to get started

{{List of fan Nandroids row|NAMEY1|[[NAME]]|[[File:NandroidPlaceholderPic.jpg|90px]]|DESCRIPTION|CREATOR|YYYYMMDD|LNG|TAGS_HERE}}