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Full name:
Serial number:
Species: Robot
Type: Nandroid
Job: Maid, nanny
Owned by: The Burton family
Employed by:
Canonicity: Fanon
Created on: 2023/07/20[1]
Created by: Zacatron94

Claire is a fanon Nandroid working for the Burton family. Though she was initially bought to help raise their son, Tracy, her duties are more focused around menial chores around the house, so that Mrs. Burton can spend more time with her son. Mrs. Burton also relies on Claire for companionship. Mr. Burton is often away on work, so it oftentimes gets lonely around the house, so she often turns to Claire for that social need, venting/talking about the day, etc.

Claire, is a nervous wreck. Often highly anxious, rarely a few steps away from having some kind of panic attack. She barely passed her training, and mostly got through out of sympathy, plus, if she failed, she might've actually spontaneously self-destructed. Being with the Burton family has helped her though. As much as Mrs. Burton has relied on her, so too does Claire rely on her. As time has gone on however, Claire has discovered a number of strange, unprofessional feelings towards Mrs. Burton, such as; wanting to hold her hand, or, to be held by her. Claire knows she can never speak of these feelings to anyone, but fears what may happen if they continue to grow.[1]

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