Maquina Beach

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Maquina Beach is fanon city located in Florida. It is a popular tourist destination and is home to an expansive resort and theme park near the ocean, and is known for it's fun, exciting, family friendly environment.

Paradise Pointe[edit source]

Paradise Pointe is the name of the theme park that contains all the related tourist amenities of Maquina Beach. It is the main tourist attraction for the city and brings in thousands of guests a day during peak vacation months. It includes a large theme park with many rides, a water park, access to a beach, a movie theater, several themed restaurants, and an upscale ritzy hotel.

Paradise Pointe owns and employs several robots, including Nandroids, namely Celly and Waverly.

Oasis Gardens[edit source]

Oasis Gardens is the name of the beachside water park contained in Paradise Pointe, where Waverly works. It contains an abundance of slides, pools, and other water rides, with easy access to a nearby beach that is open to anyone, not just park patrons.

While the beach doesn't officially close at dusk, swimmers are discouraged from going into the water but still allowed onto the beach for parties and campfires.

Hotel Casablanca[edit source]

Hotel Casablanca is the name of the fancy, multi-story, upscale hotel contained in Paradise Pointe, where Celly works. It is by far the tallest building in the city and at night is lit up with large spotlights. It's high ratings and positive guest reviews helps to keep it booked nearly year round.

Sterling deal[edit source]

Through multiple business deals with Sterling Robotics, Paradise Pointe has purchased many robots as part of a tourist ploy and to help combat the overpopulated area by requiring less humans for employment and work. While standard robots were included in the deal, some Nandroids were also included, acting as pilot programs for Sterling to test out the Nandroid design in several unique job areas. Waverly was purchased in the first deal between the two entities, while Celly was purchased the following year in a second deal.