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Full name: Wendy Bishop[1]
Serial number:
Species: Robot
Manufacturer: Sterling Robotics
Type: Nandroid
Job: Maid, nanny
Owned by: Mark Bishop
Employed by:
Age: Several months[note 1]
~1 year[note 2]
Status: In service
Canonicity: Mostly fanon
Created on: 2020/05/09[2]
Created by: Dominic Cellini (design)
WendyAnon (story)

Wendy Bishop, usually just known as Wendy, is a fanon name given to a background Nandroid who once sat in front of Franny in Nandroid School in the background of one panel of chapter 10[2]. She does not make any other appearances in the comic.

However, in her primary fanon work Wendy & Bishop, Wendy is purchased by divorcee Mark Bishop to assist with the care of his daughter Nora due to his increasing workload at the Newburgh Congress of Labor. She lives with them both in Mark's apartment. Over time, she and Mark have grown closer, but they still are working to perfect their relationship.

Character summary[edit source]

Personality[edit source]

Wendy is a bubbly, talkative Nandroid whose positive attitude can lift the spirits of both Mark and Nora. Her fascination with architecture[1] gifts her with an appreciation for the buildings in Beacon City such as the town hall, Nora's school, and a mall.

Her favorite musician is Nat King Cole, with "Day In Day Out" being her favorite song of his.

Relationships[edit source]

Mark[edit source]

Wendy and Mark are in a complicated romantic relationship. Originally, Mark's feelings for Wendy grew out of loneliness for his ex-wife. The pair struggle to make a relationship work in a way that Wendy approves of.

Nora[edit source]

Wendy and Nora have a very strong bond. Nora often refers to Wendy as "mom" despite still being in regular contact with her biological mother, and has given Wendy presents on Mother's Day. Nora also likes to tease Mark and Wendy about their relationship.

Wendy's Nandroid friend[edit source]

While riding the Beacon City monorail, Wendy once met a talkative Nandroid from a much busier and more chaotic household than her own. This Nandroid subsequently acquired the Bishops' phone number, and often calls Wendy to chat about her problems. The two get lopsided enjoyment from their conversations, with Wendy appearing to have less attachment to her acquaintance than vice versa. Wendy never caught her name, and hesitates to ask it out of fear of appearing rude.

While visiting a Sterling Robotics service center, Wendy briefly ran into an orange-haired Nandroid she vaguely remembered from Nandroid School. Unable to recall her name, Wendy failed to respond to her greeting, earning a frowned look from her.

Biography[edit source]

Early life[edit source]

Wendy attended Nandroid School alongside Emmy and other Nandroids[2] and graduated with the same class.

Meeting the Bishops[edit source]

After her graduation, Wendy was delivered to Mark Bishop, an overworked divorcee in need of assistance with taking care of his pre-teen daughter Nora. After presenting Wendy to Nora as a Christmas gift, Mark took Wendy along as he drove to drop Nora off at her mother's, and subsequently showed Wendy around Beacon City.

Despite his disparaging outlook on Robots, Mark quickly got accustomed to his new purchase, finding himself thinking of Wendy as a person. However, they both soon received poor and even hostile reactions from his peers due to his position as leader of the Newburgh Congress of Labor, a union advocating for the protection and employment of human workers.[3]

Life with the Bishops[edit source]

As she continued to serve Mark and Nora, Wendy found herself growing closer to the two. However on multiple occasions she was thrust into dishonest situations borne of Mark's desperation to recreate the better parts of his past. The first prominent one occurred when Mark offered his ex-wife's wardrobe to her to wear. Initially reluctant due to the odd nature of the request, Wendy came to believe that Mark was elevating her to a more prominent member of his family than just a maid. He revealed his real intentions when he asked her to part her hair a certain way, making Wendy look more like his ex-wife Eileen. Wendy, who didn't realize his intentions, didn't understand why he then became distraught by this and tried to comfort him as best she can.[4]

The checkup[edit source]

Eventually Wendy had a routine hardware diagnostic appointment with a Sterling technician. On her way to the appointment she met an overworked, talkative Nandroid, whose name she quickly forgot. Wendy found her company pleasant and the two stay in contact via phone calls.

After the two Nandroids arrived at the diagnostic center and went their respective ways for their appointments, Wendy met with her technician. She passed the hardware scan but the technician noticed a few quirks and pressed Wendy on her relationship with Mark, going as far as to ask crudely if the two were intimate. Wendy is taken aback by this and responds with an angry outburst, but ultimately passes the inspection and returns home.[5]

The report[edit source]

A short while after Wendy's checkup, Mark received a letter from Sterling reporting on their findings. During dinner one evening, he read the letter and confronted Wendy, citing an "abnormal attraction to owner" from the report. Wendy feared what this would do to their relationship, but instead of being angry Mark embraces her and the two share a passionate kiss. Mark attempted to make a more serious move, but is rejected by Wendy, who told him that she didn't want this to happen "on his terms", as she didn't want to be seen as a replacement for his ex-wife. The exchange shocked Mark, who agreed with Wendy.[6]

Trivia[edit source]

  • Wendy is noted to have a C60 cerebrum by a robot repairman. This, alongside Nat King Cole being being her favorite musician, is something she shares with her alternate counterpart from Wendy Wakes Up.

Gallery[edit source]

Appearances[edit source]

Wendy's sole appearance in Emmy the Robot occurs in the background of one panel in Chapter 10.[2]

She also appears in the following fan stories:

Fan stories featuring Wendy Bishop
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Notes[edit source]

  1. As of Chapter 10 of Emmy the Robot, where Wendy makes her first and only canon appearance.
  2. As of Chapter 11 of Wendy & Bishop, which takes place during the summer of Wendy's first year with the Bishops.

References[edit source]