List of Hawthorn Grove families

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Hawthorn Grove' is residential area of Beacon City that is home to many main characters, their families, and Nandroids.

The Delaire Family[edit | edit source]

The Delaire Family consist of Ted, his wife, Angela, their daughter, Madeline, an unborn child, and Nandroid Emmy. They live at 236 Hibiscus Road in Hawthorn Grove.[1] Ted works as a Marketing Executive for Sterling Robotics,[2] while Angela works as a lawyer for a non-profit.[3]

The Flagg family[edit | edit source]

The Flagg family consists of Mr. Flagg and his wife Annette[4] and their five children, including twins Nathan and Ryan, an older son Luke,[5] and Nandroid Franny. They live at the intersection of Tulip and Cherry Road, a block away from the Delaire's.[6]

The Khatri family[edit | edit source]

The Khatri family consists of Dr. Khatri, his wife Priya,[7] their son Ajay, and Nandroid Amy. They live on Hawthorn Road, between Cherry and Park Road in Hawthorn Grove.[6] Dr. Khatri is regarded as one of the country's top neurosurgeons.[8]

Ajay Khatri[edit | edit source]

Ajay Khatri is the son of Dr. Khatri and Priya, and friend of Madeline's. He goes to the same school as Madeline and rides the trolley with her daily.[8] Ajay has a crush on Molly, much to the chagrin of Corbin. When Ajay gifted her a flower, Molly happily accepted it.[9]

The Mendenhall family[edit | edit source]

The Mendenhall family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Mendenhall and their three children, Corbin, an older son, an older daughter, and Nandroid Molly. Mr. Mendenhall has been married twice, with the two older children being from his first marriage. They live at the intersection of Hydrangea and Orchid Road in Hawthorn Grove.[6] The Mendenhall's are one of Hawthorn Grove's most prestigious families. They've been in the petroleum industry for generations and are very wealthy.[8]

Corbin Mendenhall[edit | edit source]

Corbin is the youngest child of the Mendenhall family and the only child from Mr. Mendenhall's second marriage to his current wife.[10] He goes to the same school as Madeline and rides the trolley with her daily.[8]

After learning of Ajay's crush on Molly,[9] Corbin attempted to get back at Ajay and make him jealous by giving Amy an agate geode as a gift. Although she accepted the gift, Amy was left confused as to whether it was a rock or an egg.[11]

The Spiefel-Pryce family[edit | edit source]

The Spiefel-Pryce family consists of Mr. Spiegel and Mr. Pryce, with their adopted daughter Michelle and Nandroid Polly. They live on Laurel Road, between Park and Ash Road in Hawthorn Grove.[6] Mr. Spiegel is an accomplished architect and Mr. Pryce is a successful real estate agent.[8] Mr. Spiegel is Jewish.[12]

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